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Pets need foster home volunteers

By Staff | Aug 17, 2009

To the Editor:

The Faribault County Humane Society is proud to be approaching our 100th adoption during our first year. We thank you all for your continued support.

The plight of homeless and abandoned animals continues at an almost astronomical rate. Since we have no facility to house these animals, we have to rely on volunteer ‘foster’ families. Fostering an animal basically consists of giving that animal a loving environment to live in while they wait to be adopted into a forever home. You just care for your foster animals as a family would care for a foster child. This is the only way that we can save the lives of the homeless and abandoned.

Also, since we have no facility, it is difficult for us to help citizens who need our help. Often, a typical evening consists of phone calls such as these: “Someone dumped a kitten at our house, you need to come and get it right now.” “A black lab just wandered up to our house, if you’re not here in half an hour, I’ll just shoot it.” “We don’t want our cat anymore, come and get it.” And on and on. We would like the public to understand that it’s very difficult for us to act on a moment’s notice. Phone calls need to be made, a foster home needs to be found, and then a pick-up needs to be arranged. As much as we would like to, we just don’t have the capabilities to be able to help instantly.

Talks have begun regarding a shelter in Faribault County. And for this, your help is urgently needed. Funds need to be raised, and volunteers need to be found. And in the meantime, the work continues. We cannot continue with our goal of saving animals without more foster families. If you are interested in becoming a foster family for either a dog or a cat, or if you are interested in helping us with Adoption Days, fundraisers, anything at all, please call either 526-5141 or 526-7403. It’s a very rewarding experience, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you saved a life.


Staci Thompson

President, Faribault County Humane Society