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Questions city charge for karts

By Staff | Oct 5, 2009

To the Editor

This letter to the editor is written regarding a subject that has caused much discussion with the Blue Earth City Council, i.e.: the go-kart track. This seems to have been a sore spot for several years. I am writing this because of concern that this may be the final year if certain individuals have their way. I have been volunteering at the track for over four years, and have no vested interest nor any family member who races. When I began, there were only local racers using the track, but at the last race of the season, there was not one local racer competing.

At a time when municipalities are trying to desperately attract people to their towns, why would some council members discourage out of town people from coming to Blue Earth? Most of the races this season had 50 to 60 cars racing. Along with the racers there were at least two or three others per car with the racer, most of them being family members. Racing is an event where most people know each other, help each other when necessary, and the kids are safe to run and play before, during and after the races, because everyone watches out for each other. Competing racers are very much like one big family.

The Scott Greimann Memorial Race drew close to 90 cars. That is 90 people plus family and/or friends who come to help the racer as well as watch the races. People traveled from Winona, Sioux City, Iowa, Brainerd, Brookings, S.D., in addition to the regulars from northern Iowa, Fairmont, Jackson, and other areas in Minnesota. All these, but not one local racer. The benefit from these events is that these people spend money in our community, which benefits Blue Earth.

The Go-Kart track is being charged a yearly fee for using the track. No other organization that uses the fairgrounds is asked to do this. Ron Childs works at, and maintains the track, for no monetary pay – but he does so because he cares deeply and for the love of racing. Most of the workers are volunteers; hence, it is a non-profit organization. So why should an event that draws so many out-of-towners be singled out in this way? If you are going to charge one group of people, shouldn’t you be fair and charge everyone the same?

Racing is truly a family oriented hobby, and the participants take it very seriously. At a time when most kids don’t do anything with their parents, it is wonderful to see parents, kids, grandparents and extended family members spend time together as they truly enjoy themselves.

This is my sincere opinion, and I really think that the Blue Earth City Council needs to take a serious look at the go-kart situation. If they succeed in disbanding the track, what will they plan to do with that space that guaranteed 60 to 100 people every two weeks at that site? If you feel as I do, please make it known by contacting the city administrator at 507-526-7336. Or if you are from Blue Earth, contact your ward’s councilman. We elected these people, so please let them know how you feel.

Kelly Skaden,

Blue Earth