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Reader clarifies parking opinions

By Staff | Oct 26, 2009

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the Register article of October 12. This story was about parking issues around the hospital during construction. I feel that I need to clear up some statements made in the newspaper.

I am not concerned about patient, visitor and doctor parking at the hospital. I believe the parking lot on the northeast corner of the building is very convenient for them. In fact, I suggested this area as a parking lot to Chad Cooper (the last hospital administrator) when the house there came up for sale.

The opinions I voiced at the city council meeting were these:

I believe that parking on both sides of narrow streets is a safety issue. Can a fire truck, ambulance, police cruiser, or even a garbage truck get through if there is only one lane of traffic? Will there be room for residents without driveways to park on the street? Which side of the street is the designated parking side?

I know parking lots are being temporarily constructed to be used around Thanksgiving time. I’m hoping we don’t have a lot of snow, or any kind of emergency before then. Some employees are now parking on Ramsey Street (a wider street) and on Moore Street. I just think it’s unfair to the employees to take the heat for the parking issue. They haven’t been given any choices. To issue them parking tickets is unfair in my opinion.

My only suggestion for alleviating the problem was to shuttle workers from a larger parking area. If this was an option, the hospital would cover the cost of this temporary situation. I suggested possibly using a school bus.

I live in this neighborhood, and I think that neighborhoods should work together for the common good. I don’t like being ‘bullied’ by the next door neighbor. I think honestly, openness and trust need to be re-established here.

Susan Roesler, Blue Earth