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Enough with the finger pointing

By Staff | Jan 25, 2010

To the Editor:

It is apparent the time has come to get matters out in the open about the controversy which has its grip on our city. I will not hide behind an internet alias which most people are choosing to do on the newspaper websites. Nor will I stand by and see our town torn apart any longer with the finger pointing and public bickering that has taken place over the past few weeks and months on our streets, in our businesses or in the media.

As Winnebago Chamber of Commerce President, I and many others have invested way too much time, energy and money, only to watch a few individuals continually tear apart (over and over again) all that we have done to try and make our city a place to want to live, visit and shop. We at the chamber are in the business of promoting. It has been very difficult lately to perform such a task in light of the happenings coming out of city hall. I think it is imperative that we as citizens get the facts out so that we can form our own opinions as to where to go from here. If there have been improprieties or wrongdoings, they need to come out and be dealt with.

As for Chief of Police Toland, whom I for one hold in the highest regard — not only as a fine officer for the law, but also a good friend to me and citizen of Winnebago. Officer Toland is sworn to uphold the law 24/7 and in my estimation he does just that. Were we not taught as young people that officers of the law are our friends? I find it very disturbing that some have chosen to portray officer Toland as deceitful. It is indeed sickening and distasteful that this person’s integrity is being challenged.

I have made it a priority to attend all city councilmeetings so that I can keep up on civic events. We, as citizens of Winnebago, need to get more involved and in tune with what is going on within our city hall and our city limits. There is a vast amount of information and important events that are acted upon each and every month. It seems to me that we are pulling in different directions instead of working together for a common goal. The time is now to get to the bottom of this incident and get it resolved before it goes any further.

Winnebago has too much potential and has come too far to have constant set backs. Whenever our chamber has interaction with other city or council groups, they always comment on how we seem to have ‘filled up’ Main Street and have seemed to turn the corner with respect to keeping our town moving in a positive direction. My dream is to see Winnebago as a town that is talked about and patterned after, not laughed about! Personally, Nov. 2, 2010, cannot get here soon enough for me.

Scott Robertson

Winnebago resident,

business owner and

Chamber President