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Vikings, Twins gave us heartaches last week

By Staff | Feb 1, 2010

Are you tired of talking about the Vikings loss to the New Orleans Saints?

Have you dissected the game enough, and discussed what went wrong?

What else was there to do on a windy, cold and snowy Monday, except talk about the loss?

Yes, it was an exciting game. Yes, the Vikings should have won by at least 14 points. Yes, I almost had a stroke during the game. Yes, it took me all night to get over it. At least.

Yes, there were just too many turnovers. I mean, six fumbles and two interceptions? Really bad.

But, in my humble estimation, it was one thing that doomed the Vikes. It came at the end of regulation, when they were flagged for 12 men in the huddle.

That is a mistake that may be forgivable in the first pre-season game, but not in the 17th game of the season with the NFC championship on the line.


It took the team out of field goal range, and caused Bret Favre to try and ‘make something happen,’ eventually throwing an interception.

Sure, he might have had room to run. Sure, it isn’t a smart pass, back across the field. But he made similar passes work all season long.

It had seemed to be destiny that the Vikings would go to the Super Bowl this year. It was the incredible story of Bret Favre coming out of retirement at age 40, leading the Purple Pride against the Green Cheeseheads, and on to history in Miami on Feb. 7 against the team he quarterbacked the year before (the Jets).

Alas, it must also have been the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts’ destiny to go to the big dance and face each other.

Somehow, a Saints/Colts matchup just doesn’t seem to have the same drama a Vikings/Jets one would have been. Maybe I will skip the game and read a good book.

As the headline on this column states, the Vikings were not the only professional Minnesota sports team to disappoint us last week. The Minnesota Twins also did.

That might sound a bit confusing, as we all know the Twins are in the off-season for another month or two.

However, the Twins – or at least a couple of them – were in Blue Earth the other week.

It seems the Twins Winter Caravan was scheduled to visit the Blue Earth Area Middle School on Thursday, Jan. 21.

We were all set to snap a photo or two, and feature it on the front page of last week’s Register. You know, a cute picture of the Twins mascot or some players high-fiving BEA students.

You probably don’t remember seeing that photo in last week’s paper – because it wasn’t there.

Because the weather was not expected to be so great on Thursday, the Twins players, coaches and public relations people actually came to Blue Earth on Wednesday night, and stayed at a local motel. They were spotted eating at Double Play restaurant that evening.

The weather did deteriorate. In fact, it was bad enough on Thursday morning that BEA Schools were two hours late.

The Twins personnel were scheduled to put on their program from 9:30 to 10:15, then leave for their next location.

Unfortunately, with school two hours late, kids would not even be showing up until 10:15. So, the whole assembly was cancelled.

We lost out on an opportunity for a great front page photo. I was pretty bummed out about it.

Not half as bummed as the BEA students, though. They had been looking forward to this event for some time.

Middle School Principal Melissa McGuire says the kids were all wearing their Twins shirts, and were bringing baseballs and other items to be autographed.

They were crushed when McGuire had to tell them the Twins staff had left town.

I blame Superintendent Dale Brandsoy. What was he thinking? A little snow and he thinks about the safety of the kids, instead of how this will dash all their little hearts?

Besides, I had hopes of getting an autograph or two myself.

The event was being funded by Bevcomm, and McGuire says the local company is already talking about trying it again next year.

There is still hope for that cute picture appearing in the Register, but you will have to wait a year to see it.

Just like you have to wait a year to see if the Vikings will have another shot at the Super Bowl.