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Blue Earth gets a visit from a special furry postcard mailer

By Staff | Jun 1, 2010

I’m sure Blue Earth has been mentioned in many books.

In fact, I have seen it a time or two, especially when an author has a connection to this area, or grew up here.

Now, there is a new book out, and it not only mentions Blue Earth, it has some color photographs of the area in it.

There are two things that make this new book – and the fact that it mentions Blue Earth – a bit different from the others.

First, the author. K.S. Brooks has no connection to Blue Earth. But, she did visit here once.

Brooks has been living in Maryland, but recently moved to Washington state.

Secondly, the book, “Postcards from Mr. Pish” is a children’s book.

Mr. Pish is a Jack Russell terrier. The book chronicles his journey from the east coast to the west coast, as he visits every state in the U.S. and parts of Canada. It is filled with color photographs from every state.

As Mr. Pish travels across Minnesota, he sends off two postcards – one from Luverne and the other from the city which is home to the Jolly Green Giant, Blue Earth.

Sue Hauskins at the Blue Earth City Hall remembers author K.S. Brooks when she came through town doing research for the book, and taking pictures. It was quite a while ago.

Brooks says she fell in love with Blue Earth, and wanted to include it in her book. While other towns in the state are mentioned as well, Blue Earth gets prominent play by the travelling dog.

I guess we should be happy for any publicity we can get.

Brooks is an award winning author, poet and photographer. She has published at least one novel and this is her third children’s book. One of the other ones is “The Mighty Oak and Me.” Her novel is entitled, “Lust for Danger.”

“As we drove across the country, we discovered so many amazing things,” Brooks wrote to Hauskins in Blue Earth. “It was like being a kid again. Blue Earth is such a fascinating place, I wanted to share it with my readers.”

Brooks goal is that teachers and parents use the book as an educational tool. Kids – and adults – can learn many interesting things about each state, as they join Mr. Pish on his cross country travels.

Currently the book is available online at Amazon.com. Soon, Brooks says, it will be at bookstores and other online venues.

Brooks adds that a portion of the sale of each book is going to be donated to the Arbor Day Foundation, a nonprofit conservation and education organization of over one million members.

Brooks says she has always had a profound love of nature, and the Mr. Pish book is geared to develop a love of nature in children’s daily living.

I guess it is an honor to have Blue Earth mentioned as one of the many places in the country that a dog found interesting. Brooks says that while many towns only got a brief mention, she devoted quite a space to Blue Earth.

Please, no jokes about Blue Earth going to the dogs. Any free publicity of the town is good and is always welcomed.

Even a recommendation from a travelling dog.