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Everybody loves a parade, especially kids and candidates

By Staff | Jul 19, 2010

Our schedules here at the newspaper get a little hectic sometimes.

When school is in session, there are a lot of events to cover, of course. During the summer months, one would think it would be a little slower-paced, news coverage wise.


In Faribault County, there seems to be a party every time you turn around.

Of course, by party, I mean a celebration. Somebody in the county is having a festival almost every weekend. They salute corn, friendship, agriculture, a giant or motors.

This is an especially busy time. Crammed into a two-week period is Giant Days, Festag, Eromle Day and the Faribault County Fair.

It’s hard to keep the batteries fully charged in the cameras. There are a lot of parades to photograph.

While many businesses have entries in area parades, I have decided there are two enterprises which actually truly benefit from parades. Those that sell candy to be thrown in parades, and dentists.

Kids haul plastic grocery sacks full of candy home from the parades. After consuming all that sugar, they are going to need a visit to their local tooth doctor.

This year you may have noticed an abundance of one type of parade entry. Political candidates are lining up to march down each parade route waving and shaking a few hands. Gee, I wonder if there is an election this fall?

For some reason, parades seem to be a focal point for many small town summer celebrations. No matter what else is happening in the town – and that can be a lot of events – people will be sure to come for the parade.

In Blue Earth, there was a good turnout for the Giant Days Parade. There was one event that did not have such a big turnout, however.

Ticket sales for the Blue Earth Town and Country Players musical production were down – way down.

That is a shame, because the show, “Children of Eden,” was excellent. This was a very musical musical. It started with a song and the singing never quit for the two hours of the show.

And, it was good music, performed by some very talented local people.

So what kept people away? Was it the title? One person told me it sounded like it would be boring. It was anything but boring.

Maybe some folks wondered how a musical about Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark could be very good. Well, it wasn’t good, it was great.

Too bad if you missed it. It was a chance to see a wonderful – yet relatively unknown – musical.

The Town and Country Players were leaning towards doing another excellent – but unknown – musical next year. One possibility was “Honk,” based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, “The Ugly Duckling.”

Those plans will probably be scrapped, and they will go back to doing a well-known musical, something like “Guys and Dolls.”

Whatever they plan to do, I plan to go. Because they will put on a great production.

Speaking of productions, this week is the biggest Faribault County production of them all. The 150th edition of the county fair.

I wasn’t here for the first one, but I plan on hitting as much of this one as I can. But there is so much going on, it might not be humanly possible to get to all of it.

Check the fair book, posted daily schedules, the list in the special fair section of this copy of the Register, or the fair’s website for full details on events. There is a lot going on all six days of the fair.

And, yes, there will be a parade. I guarantee there will be a few antique tractors. But, I am not sure about the politicians or the candy.