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Fall is a time for many changes

By Staff | Oct 9, 2010

Autumn is a season of change. In fact, October could be the one single month that sees the most things change, as opposed to any other month.

Oh sure, you could make a case for April, with everything from snow to rain to heat. But it is not quite the same.

October can start with green lawns and leaves on the trees. But those leaves will turn color and fall. The weather can be in the 80s early on, and fall to freezing by the end.

It can rain, it can be dry. And, it can blizzard by Halloween at the end of the month.

Farmers know that fact all too well, which is one reason they are using last week’s beautiful weather to run their combines day and night.

Even the individual days in October can change on a dime. It can be cold in the morning and you need a coat, but hot enough in the afternoon to wear shorts and a T-shirt.

It is the time folks change their anti-freeze, their furnace filters and their smoke alarm batteries.

People change their yards, moving summer furniture inside for winter. Bringing out the snow shovels, storm windows, and covering plants.

Baseball season succumbs to football, sort of, in October. Well, maybe they both are on TV this month.

This month of October may also be a preview of some future change.

We made some big changes here at the Faribault County Register this past week, too. Although it really had nothing to do with it being October.

After hearing for three years that we were in line to receive new computers, it finally actually happened.

We have a whole new computer system and new computer programs to go with them. That is the good news. It is also the bad news.

It is going to take us a week or so to figure them out. OK, actually, the truth is, it will take the older employees a couple of weeks, while the younger ones may pick it up a little quicker. Or a lot quicker.

And, while we were into change, we decided to update the look of the Register a little bit as well. Our dedicated readers may notice that while the overall appearance of the paper is the same, there are some changes here and there. This page, for instance, is one with a new look.

Not necessarily better, but new. Newspaper design pundits say a newspaper needs to give itself a new look every five years at least. I think it has something to do with ‘freshening up’ the old face. A little bit like painting the walls in your home every once in a while, or rearranging the furniture.

We may make a few more changes in the paper, just for fun, in the next few months.

As a wise old man once said, “The only thing that never changes is the fact that everything changes.”

Even for old newspaper hacks like me.

This month of October may also be season of previewing future changes.

I refer to the coming elections, of course.

With the large number of contested races locally, residents could see some changes in who their representatives are.

Or not.

In Blue Earth, all four City Council positions are being contested. There is a potential for four new faces ­- out of six – on the council.

Two contested county commissioner races also will bring out the voters on Nov. 2.

For sure the County Board will have at least one new face, as two persons vie to replace Butch Erichsrud, who did not file for re-election.

Other races, for sheriff, recorder and attorney, also have two persons running.

There is the potential for changes on both our local boards, state and federal governing bodies.

Stay tuned.