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You are only as old as you feel

By Staff | Nov 6, 2010

I had what I guess is referred to as a ‘milestone’ birthday last week.

I was hoping to just slip past it with little notice and minor fanfare, but that didn’t happen.

Thanks to some mischievous – and devious – co-workers here at the Register, everyone this side of the Mississippi River now knows about this event. And, they now know about some of my past adventures.

The staff slipped an ad into last week’s paper while my back was turned. (OK, my back was more than turned. I was out of the office the morning the paper was sent off to the printers.)

So, now I have to use this column as a space for some explanation.

The answers to the questions I have been asked all week are; yes, no, yes, no, yes, no and maybe.

Yes, that cute, young lass in the photo in the birthday ad is indeed me. And, no, I don’t dress up like that every Saturday night for fun.

One person thought it might have been a Halloween costume. That is a good guess, but the truth of the matter is that I used to be in a group that put on a play each spring. Almost all of the members of the group are men, so men play the female roles in the play. In 20 years, only once did I not portray a woman – and that year I was a ventriloquist dummy.

But, it was a male dummy.

Most of the time I was either the heroine, or the villainess. Or a waitress, a baby sitter, or the best friend of the heroine.

You get the idea.

I even directed the play for six years, or so.

This wasn’t exactly community theater. It was a Lions Club fundraiser.

The play is usually a type of melodrama, although a few years ago it went from being a 45 minute farce, to a full-blown two-hour, two act musical melodrama.

It was a big hit, mainly due to two draws ­- men dressed up as women, and a lot of local humor interjected into every play.

There just is nothing like seeing your town’s banker, pharmacist and basketball coach dressed as a lady and singing and dancing across the stage.

The answer to your next question is yes, it was fun. And no, I am not joining the Blue Earth Town and Country Players.

Unless they let me wear a dress.

The next question’s answer is yes, the ad is correct. I did turn 60. And no, I don’t feel like I am 60.

I am sure that everyone who knows me is reading this and thinking “60? He sure doesn’t look that old.”

At least, that is what I hope you are all thinking. Maybe some are thinking “He’s only 60? I thought he was older than that.”

Age, as all of us who are older think, is just a state of mind. We tell ourselves we are only as old as we feel.

I think we are only as old as we act.

I don’t think I act like I am 60. My father-in-law is 80 and he is running around the countryside and is more active than most people my age. His sister is 89 and is also always on the go; golfing, camping and socializing.

Then there are these guys in their 90s here in Blue Earth who are still active and working on their hobbies and enjoying life. Our columnist at the Register, Dick Quaday, is one of them.

Of course, Faribault County has its share of folks who are 100 – or older – and some of them are sharp as a tack and still able to have some fun. Take Ike Enderson, for example. At 104 he is still a go-getter.

I only have 44 years to go to catch up with him.

What I have learned from each of my ‘elders’ is to enjoy life each day, and enjoy your family and friends around you.

Even the devious ones who stick nasty ads into the paper when you aren’t looking.

The answer to the last question?

Will I get even? Maybe.

Those devious co-workers won’t know for sure until – or if – it happens.

Stay tuned.