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Fearless election prognostications

By Staff | Nov 4, 2012

Believe it or not, I can predict the winner in every single one of the races that will be on the ballot on Tuesday.

Are you skeptical?

I can prove it. Here is my fearless prediction.

In every single one of the races held on Election Day…the candidate who will win is…the one with the most votes.

Well, except for the presidential election. In that case, the candidate with the most electoral college votes will win.

OK, I can hear you groaning from here. I know, it’s an old joke. Like saying I can predict who will win the football game on Friday night.

Answer: the team with the most points at the end of the game.

Actually, I will try and predict the results of the election in this column. Here goes.

Without a doubt the most interesting race of the night will be for president. As this column is being written, some national political observers are predicting it as a virtual tie.

I agree this race is too close to really call, but here goes anyway.

I predict President Barack Obama will be re-elected, but by the slimmest of margins. One state, maybe even one county in one state, will decide this election.

I don’t think that state will be Minnesota, and I don’t think it will be Faribault County.

The next question is, of course, who is it that should win. Who will be the better president?

If you are a Democrat or a Republican, your mind is already made up.

But, for us independent voters, there is a lot to think about.

Obama tells us things are getting better, and the next four years will continue along that same path. Romney says things ain’t that great, but he will make them better.

I guess the answer is to vote for the one that you think can do the best for your own personal situation. Or maybe it is to vote for the one that you think can do the least damage to your life.

We are told the biggest issue is jobs and the economy. I am not so sure. When our deficit is now defined with the word ‘trillion,’ I think that trumps just about everything else.

And I have become skeptical that either a Democrat or Republican president can do much about it.

Several persons have told me they voted for Obama four years ago because they did truly believe the country needed a change. And, because Sarah Palin as a potential president (should something have happened to John McCain) scared the bejeebers out of them.

This election, they say they will probably vote for Romney for much of the same reasons.

They once again think we need a change, and the thought of Joe Biden becoming president (should something happen to Obama) does not appeal to them.

You might be wondering about the rest of the races. So here goes.

Bet on the incumbent.

I predict Amy Klobuchar will win in a landslide for re-election as U.S. Senator and she deserves it.

Tim Walz will also win his Congressional seat back. While the rural area might back Allen Quist, the cities of Mankato, Rochester, etc., will carry Walz.

Likewise I predict that Sen. Julie Rosen will win in a landslide, and Rep. Bob Gunther will also be re-elected, albeit in a much closer race.

And, while it would be great to have a Faribault County resident represent us, Shannon Savick from Wells has a tremendous uphill battle to unseat an incumbent who has a huge base in a neighboring county.

Amendments? I think the one dealing with voter ID will not pass, and to be honest, the other one dealing with same-sex marriage is too close to call.

As far as all our local races for mayors, councils, school boards, etc., in Faribault County again, bet on the incumbent.

But, truth be told, we should all just be happy we have folks interested in running for these elected offices.

After all, the pay just isn’t all that great. But, the headaches can be.

Not only are there persons running for nearly every city and school board office in the county, many actually have more than one possible name or names to select.

One word of caution.

Carefully read your ballot to see how many names you can choose. Some say vote for one, others say vote for up to two or three.

Again, one final word.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday. It’s not only your right, it is also your duty.