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More to cheer about than jeering

By Staff | May 1, 2016

Time once again for a few cheers and jeers.

A rousing, hearty cheer goes out for the sale of the poultry processing plant in Wells.

It has been a long, hard journey from the days of the Singletary Foods fiasco to today, when a Wisconsin company, Brakebush, purchased the plant.

We have renewed confidence that Brakebush has the background and know-how to finally get this plant up to operating at its full potential.

Congratulations to the city of Wells and to everyone who has worked so hard to get this done, despite an awful lot of obstacles.

A jeer goes out to the weatherman. OK, we know it isn’t really his (or her) fault, but we have to blame someone for all this awful weather, not just here, but across the country. There seems to be one giant storm system after another, often stretching all the way from Minnesota down to Houston, Texas.

While we are hoping the weather will soon straighten out and get nice enough for spring planting, the people of hard hit areas like Houston are praying it will stop and let them try and save their homes.

The bad weather also forced the cancellation of a very important event last week in Faribault County. The mock crash set for Wednesday was cancelled due to the cold, rainy conditions.

That is really too bad. The drill has all kinds of safe driving messages for youth and adults, hammered home with a staged accident scene, complete with bloodied victims and dozens of emergency personnel responding to the scene.

Hopefully it can be held next year and we can give it a big cheer then.

Cheers to the Blue Earth City Council and especially the Blue Earth Economic Development Authority for making the decision to not just pave the Ag Center parking lot, but to do it with some enhanced features.

Instead of just slapping down some bituminous and painting some stripes, there is a plan to add a walkway, some ‘islands’ with greenery and trees and other ‘aesthetic’ looks to the vast area.

One Ag Center tenant, the county Soil and Water Conservation District office, led the way by offering their assistance in both the planning and making application for grants for the cost of the work.

Some of the aesthetic features are not just for looks, but will also help with taking care of some of the rainwater runoff. A building the size of the Ag Center, with a huge roof area and vast paved parking lot, creates a lot of runoff.

A Giant cheer to the Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce for their efforts to create a new complex at the base of the Giant Statue. It is an ambitious building project that will eventually house the chamber offices, Giant Museum, a visitor welcome center and more.

Step one, the purchase of an old gas station property, is now accomplished. While there has been some fundraising, more is needed. And the chamber is hoping for some state funding for the project as well.

We hope there are people out there who will step up and back this idea with their donations. You will get a giant cheer from the chamber if you do.

A reserved cheer to all the folks who are going to have to put up with all kinds of construction in the area this summer and who won’t complain about it.

In Blue Earth alone, there will be the downtown Main Street project, the north Main Street bridge and paving project, the completion of last summer’s North Circle Drive work, plus mill and overlay in the Tanglewood neighborhood, not to mention paving the Ag Center lot and two projects at the airport.

That is a lot going on. And, it will cause some inconvenience to say the least.

Jeers to the alarming news of the tremendous amount of drug and alcohol abuse in Faribault County by our youth. The facts are scary. Very scary.

But, cheers to the new group called FariCARES, which stands for Faribault County Cares.

They are a dedicated group of people who are trying to do something about this problem. You have read about them in the pages of the Register and in our recent Community Focus magazine. And, we are sure you will see more about them in the future.

We wish them well and hope they are successful in their endeavors.

Cheers to all the students at our schools who are excelling in a variety of activities, and not just at sports.

From robotics to FFA to theater, there are many talented young people at both BEA and USC schools. We salute them.