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Fairly excited that it is Fair Week!

By Staff | Jul 17, 2016

It is a big week here in Faribault County.

Just in case you didn’t know, it’s fair week. Time for that county-wide gathering of fun under the giant oaks at the fairgrounds in Blue Earth.

I have to confess that I have sort of a ‘love-hate’ relationship with the fair.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love it. And, I spend an awful lot of time at it.

Part of that is because it is my job. You know, taking pictures for the Faribault County Register.

But the truth is, I like going to the fair. I like to see what is going on. I enjoy talking to people. I really like to try out the food. I have been known to eat my way from one end of the fair to the other. I mean, there are those great church stands, Mexican food, onion rings, milk shakes and, well, you get the idea.

I enjoy the shows, the big ones in the grandstand and those under the tent and in the Veterans Building.

I’m at the fair a lot. And that is one reason I hate the fair.

I say I am going to go there for just a little bit snap some photos and leave. But it hardly ever works that way. Those folks in charge of the fair are diabolical. They seem to have something going on somewhere at the fair every half hour or so. I try to decide if I should quick run back to the office and work and then come back to the fair or just stay around and keep taking photos. And eat some onion rings.

I stay.

Of course, that means I am not getting my work done back at the office. And, we will still have to put out another edition of the Faribault County Register. And, it should have something more in it than just fair pictures. Although, Sara Gack and the rest of the fair board might be happy if I did just that. They are that crew of dedicated, unpaid volunteers who put in untold numbers of hours and hard work to create this extravaganza that I both love and hate.

The other reason I hate the fair is something that you will find included in this week’s edition of the Register. Our annual Faribault County Fair Fair Book Magazine.

Everything you want to know about the fair this week is inside this 100-page magazine.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love the magazine. It is one of our better products we produce each year. But, it is a lot of work. It takes the whole staff to get it done. The ad sales people are running all over getting the ads sold. The editorial department is busy trying to write stories about the fair, the fair people of the year and all the acts and shows. The production department is trying to get it all set up. Everybody else is trying to keep us on track. All the while we are still trying to do our normal work of getting the Register out each week.

Throw in the fact that there was the Fourth of July holiday weekend and Giant Days right at the same time we are trying to get this 100-page book done, and, well, you get the idea.

I hope you enjoy it. There are plenty of interesting stories about things going on at the fair that you can read.

Yes, I know. There is also the magazine the fair board publishes each year. It also has information about the daily schedules at the fair. And, it includes the premium list for open class entries at the fair. That information has to come out more than a month before the fair.

Our magazine is more of a ‘preview’ of what you will see at the fair when you go. It is full of stories that we would have usually produced for the Register itself, but putting it in a magazine style seems to be handy for our readers to have all the info packed into one place.

OK, so I really don’t hate the fair. I was just saying that to get your attention. The truth is, I actually love the fair.

I mean, where else besides the Faribault County Fair are you going to be able to see the Beatles and Johnny Cash all in one week?

You are probably saying, “What? I thought some of them were deadhow are they going to be at the fair?”

Read the Fair Book Magazine (inserted in this newspaper) and find out.