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Are you ready for some football?

By Staff | Sep 4, 2016

And, just like that, summer is over.

Oh, I know, it is still officially summer until Sept. 22, when it will be the autumnal equinox and the “real” start of fall. And I also know we can still have some beautiful, warm days, with temperatures in the 80s, perhaps. Maybe even 90. You will still be able to do all those summer things you love to do for at least another month. Go golfing, boat on the lake, ride your motorcycle, go camping.

But, let’s face reality summer ends this weekend.

It is Labor Day. The State Fair will be over. Tuesday kids and teachers go back to school.

And the real telltale sign that summer is over?

Fall sports are in full swing.

Before the first day of school, every Blue Earth Area Buccaneer team will have had at least one game under their belts. In fact, the girls’ tennis team will have their ninth match of the year on Tuesday, their first day of school.

The football team will have played their first game of the year. It was this past Thursday, and against one of their biggest rivals, Fairmont. (Unfortunately, we had to go to press with this issue of the Faribault County Register just hours before kickoff of that game, so we will have full coverage in the next edition of the Register. But, check us online for results. I am sure our reporter Cody Benjamin will be tweeting the score out right from the field.)

For the first football game of the season, fans often can wear shorts and T-shirts. By the last game of the season, they are sometimes huddled in winter gear and the game could be played in the snow.

That nasty weather possibility is, of course, one reason the girls’ tennis team already plays nine matches before school starts and will begin playoffs later this month. They need to get their season done before the snow flies. And in Minnesota, it can fly at any time after summer is over, it seems. And did I mention that summer is over?

The Minnesota Vikings, after having played outdoors at the Minnesota Gopher’s TCF Bank Stadium for a couple of seasons while their new $1.2-billion new home was being built, will be back indoors this season and don’t care about the Minnesota snow and cold anymore.

Now their only worry is finding a good quarterback for this season. Just when everyone was getting really hyped up over what the Vikes might do this year, disaster struck again.

It was amazing to see the news about Teddy Bridgewater being injured spread so fast. I saw a message about it that was from a Twin Cities newspaper reporter who was there when it happened and tweeted about it. I guess it was minutes after it happened.

Almost immediately, speculation about what the Vikings would do about replacing Bridgewater was all over the media the news media and the social media networks.

I must be nave. I thought the reason you have backup quarterbacks on your squad was to have them take over should your starting quarterback get hurt. But, I guess I was wrong. The buzz is the Vikings need to bring in some other seasoned quarterback to take over and they better hurry, as the Dallas Cowboys are doing the exact same thing to replace injured Tony Romo.

I don’t know. Maybe they can give Brett Favre a call. It worked once. Or was it twice? And I am sure Favre would consider it. The guy probably thinks he can still play

But, maybe the other choice could be Colin Kaepernick. He might be interested in leaving San Francisco and getting a fresh start somewhere after all his bad press for not standing for the National Anthem.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Minnesota Vikings have taken on a player who had become a persona non grata at their current team and needed a change of venue.

Kaepernick, of course, is trying to protest and bring attention to the way people of color are being treated by police and the government.

It is his right, of course, to protest. This is America, and we have the freedom to do this type of thing.

But, you also have to realize that there are going to be a lot of folks who won’t think much of your disrespecting your country in order to do so.

He has certainly created quite a stir, which, I think, was exactly his intention.

Maybe becoming a Viking, and spending a winter in Minnesota, would be a good thing. Let things “cool off” as it were. It would be certainly be interesting, that’s for sure.

At any rate, summer is now over, sort of, and we can now enjoy all that fall has to offer.

Including wondering just how those Minnesota Vikings are going to fare and just who is going to be the QB.

I predict we could be seeing a lot of faces in that position before the season ends.

But one of those faces will probably not be Brett Favre.