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Don’t fret – it will all be over soon

By Staff | Oct 30, 2016

Soon. Very soon. I promise.

Just over a week to go, and it will all be over.

It was just over a year ago when I first wrote about this upcoming election. It has been a long year, especially when it has come to the presidential campaign.

A campaign that, at least in my humble opinion, wasn’t very presidential. In fact, it was downright nasty, ugly, and at times, disgusting.

It was a year ago when I lamented I would have a tough time finding a candidate for president I could force myself to vote for. And, I still feel that way.

In fact, with my tongue firmly pressed against my cheek, I even suggested if you felt the same way I do, then vote for me. Several friends told me they would do just that.

But, the truth is, I really don’t want the job. I am actually amazed so many people do.

Another option for those who are having a difficult time deciding between Hillary and Donald is voting for a third party candidate. There are several third party candidates to choose from. (Doesn’t that mean there is a fourth, fifth and sixth party candidate? How can they all be ‘third’ party ones, I wonder? But I digress.)

One of them, Gary Johnson, self-imploded when he showed he wasn’t really very knowledgeable about current events. Some of them have some pretty far out, almost strange ideas, like Jill Stein. One of them, Independence Party candidate Evan McMullin, actually seems to have a chance of winning in his home state of Utah.

He even has a chance to become president, although it is a very, very slim one, mainly because he is only on the ballot in 11 states, including Minnesota.

His extremely slim chance comes about if neither Clinton nor Trump reaches 270 electoral votes. If you recall, our president is elected by the electoral college and not by the majority vote of the people. Just ask Al Gore about this strange part of our presidential election process.

If neither candidate reaches 270 electoral college votes, the decision on who becomes president then goes to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they picked the conservative Republican-like McMullin over their own candidate of Donald Trump.

Like I said, McMullin is a wild shot. We probably all know at this point in time who the next president is going to be, anyway. And my prediction is, it won’t be Donald Trump.

In just over a week it will all be over and we will know for sure.

I will also be glad that television commercials can go back to selling laundry detergent, beer and cars. I am sick and tired of all the nasty political ads.

I don’t really know who Stewart Mills III is, but according to all the negative ads on TV, he must be the devil incarnate. Likewise for his opponent, Rick Nolan, and those other two congressional candidates, Angie Craig and Jason Lewis.

The National Democratic and the National Republican Congressional Committees have paid a boat-load of money to convince me that all four of these people are not worthy of my vote.

But, of course, I can’t vote for them, anyway. My congressional district has incumbent Tim Walz pitted against Blue Earth’s Jim Hagedorn. I guess the NDCC and the NRCC don’t care about this race, because I have not seen any negative campaign ads from them against either Walz or Hagedorn.

And I just have to say, the Walz and Hagedorn contest has actually been about the issues, not about slinging any mud. I commend both of them for really sticking to the issues in their campaigning.

Why can’t they all be that way?

My prediction in the Walz-Hagedorn race? I think it will be much closer than last time, but Hagedorn still has that hurdle of the big cities vote. He will win in the rural areas of the First District, but Walz takes the cities of Mankato and Rochester. What that means is that it is too close to call.

But, I do have to say, that if Hagedorn loses to Walz, it certainly is not going to be for lack of effort. He has worked tirelessly on the campaign trail ever since he lost to Walz in the 2014 election.

Is it enough?

We won’t know until Wednesday morning, Nov. 9. That is when we will have all the answers from the election.

One last plug.

Even if you are disgusted with the presidential race, and don’t want to vote for any of them, please still get out and exercise your right to vote.

There are an awful lot of state, county, and especially, local races which you should have an interest in. So please vote.