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An interview with the ‘Big Guy’

By Staff | Jul 14, 2019

During Giant Days this year, I had the unusual opportunity to interview one of the giants of our community. In fact, it was with ‘the’ giant of Blue Earth, the jolly green one.

Here is a transcript from that interview.

Me: Thanks for allowing me to visit with you Mr. Giant. Or may I call you Green?

Giant: Why would you want to call me Green?

Me: Isn’t that your first name?

Giant: Well, no. Actually you can call me by my real first name, “Jolly.”

Me: OK then, Jolly it is. Anyway, happy 40th birthday. You are looking really good for being 40.

Giant: Well, thanks. But you know, a couple of years ago I had some plastic surgery done, and had a completely new coat of green paint applied. That nice Chamber lady had it all arranged.

Me: I remember that. Fixed a big crack in your foot, too.

Giant: Yeah, that hurt a bit, but I just kept smiling right through the pain. Anyway, I can hardly believe that it has been 40 years that I have been standing here. Time goes by so fast when you are having fun.

Me: Fun? All you do is stand here.

Giant: Oh, it is fun. I love watching all the activity here at Giant Park. I get thousands of happy folks coming to visit me each year. Do that many come to see you, Mr. Editor?

Me: I get your point. I?don’t have that many visitors. And not all of them are very happy sometimes.

Giant: Maybe you should smile more. I especially love the little kids who come to visit me. They look up at me in awe and then smile and wave at me. I always smile back. I can’t wave, of course, because it is important that I keep this classic pose of my hands on my hips all the time. But sometimes I give the kids a little wink. I like the teenagers too, although they try to be cool and act like I am no big deal. But I can tell they are actually pretty impressed as well, so I smile at them, too.

Me: Yes, I have noticed that you do a lot of smiling.

Giant: Well, first off, I am always happy. They didn’t name me Jolly for nothing. Second, when you have had your picture taken like a zillion times, you always have to be ready to pose. And I always try to give them a little extra big grin whenever they point their cameras at me.

Me: Do you ever get tired of this job? Ever think about retiring?

Giant: No way. This is a great gig. Standing tall, smiling and visiting with folks from all over the U.S, and the world. I?get to watch all kinds of interesting things, from the seasons changing to all the traffic and busy people coming and going. It was also fun to watch this new building being constructed down there below, whatever it is.

Me: That is the new Giant Welcome Center. Inside there is even a Giant Memorabilia Museum, filled with stuff about the Green Giant…I mean, stuff about you.

Giant: Well, isn’t that something. A welcome center and museum dedicated to me. I like that. Wish I could see it sometime.

Me: I just have to ask, doesn’t it sometimes get boring just standing here all the time, and not being able to move around and look in other directions?

Giant: Well, to be honest, when it is the middle of the night, and I am sure no one is anywhere near me, I do turn my head and look in different directions, mainly just to see something different and to get the crinks out of my neck. There can be gorgeous moonlit nights here, you know, so I?like to sneak a look around once in a while.

Me: This weekend is Blue Earth’s summer town celebration, and it is called Giant Days. So it is named after you.

Giant: I?had heard about that in the past. I think that is when all these people show up and party around the park in front of me. And there is music and everyone looks like they are having so much fun.

Me: Yes, that is happening tonight. (Editor’s note: this interview happened on Friday of last week before all the festivities began.)

Giant: Are there going to be fireworks this year? I just love watching those fireworks. You wouldn’t believe the view I get from up here.

Me: Oh sure, there will be fireworks again.

Giant: Don’t tell anyone, but while everyone is watching the fireworks, I secretly turn my head a little to the right so I can see them a little bit better. I don’t think anyone has noticed that I do that.

Me: Well, you can certainly count on me to not tell anyone that fact.

Giant: I knew I could count on you to keep a secret.

Me: And once again, I want to wish you a happy birthday, Jolly. I wish you another 40 years of standing tall over the city. And thanks for letting me interview you. Is there anything else you want to say?

Giant: Of course there is. HO-HO-HO!