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Time for a Cheer here, a Jeer there

By Chuck Hunt - Editor | May 23, 2021

We drove over to Worthington this past Thursday evening to meet up with family for dinner at a restaurant. It was in Worthington because it is the halfway point between our two homes.

On the way there I had a slight panic attack. I had forgotten to bring a mask…or, I mean, a facial covering. I have four in my brief case, three in my camera bag, two on my desk, five or six in my car, two in every pocket of every coat I own, but, I did not have any of those things with me, including my car. I was in my wife’s vehicle, not mine.

However, the panic attack was brief. I quickly realized, hey, I don’t need one anymore. I mean, the CDC and the governor have declared masks now optional in most places, if you have had the COVID-19 vaccination, and I have.

But after more than a year of wearing a mask, it has become second nature. I get out of my car and automatically check to see if I have a mask because I am headed into a store or restaurant. Don’t you, too?

So I did remember that I did not need to wear a mask, unless the restaurant required it. And it didn’t. I never saw anyone wearing one there or anywhere else.

So, my first Cheer goes out to the powers that be, and their decree that we don’t have to wear these masks anymore, except in certain places, at certain times, or unless it is the local requirement.

Many local agencies and businesses are no longer requiring masks to be worn, but sometimes the staff is still wearing some, as are some customers. And, that is fine. If people choose to wear one, good for them.

However, I am willing to give it up.

Anyone want to buy a collection of masks? What, you already own your own collection?

A Cheer goes out to the multitude of Blue Earth Area High School students who received awards at a joint program for arts, athletics, academics and more. It is nice to see we have some outstanding students in our schools.

And a Cheer to those who put the whole thing together and made it work smoothly – and in just an hour and 40 minutes. Plus, a special Cheer goes to everyone who helped make it possible for over $90,000 in scholarships to be given out that evening. That is a mighty impressive number for a small school. And, truth be told, those were not the only scholarships which are being given out this year. Truly amazing.

And speaking of students, a Cheer goes out to the BEA students who spent a day out and about around the county doing a lot of cleanup chores. From the fairgrounds and the pool to parks and playgrounds, these students and their adult leaders deserve a big thanks from the community at large for a job well done.

A Jeer goes out, like it has before, to those drivers who just won’t slow down, stop at stop signs, figure out how to go through a roundabout and won’t stop for pedestrians in crosswalks – or any intersection for that matter. C’mon, take it easy and follow the rules and be nice to others on the road.

A Cheer goes out to all those folks who are working hard to make summer celebrations in Faribault County happen this year, after most of them did not last year. But every group could use another person or two – or three – to help out. Consider volunteering some of your time and effort to make these events happen.

Jim Pollard gets a Cheer for sharing his fascinating collection of artifacts, fossils and dinosaur bones with the community, by sponsoring a display at the Blue Earth Community Library.

Pollard has been on many archeological digs and continues to do so. He became a Blue Earth resident a few years ago after stopping in town a few times on his way to and from the sites in South Dakota.

So, stop by the library one of these days and check out everything Pollard has on display there.

A little Jeer to those who have decided to not get a COVID vaccination. It is a little Jeer because, yes, it is your right and your decision to get it or not. But still, I cannot think of too many reasons not to, and some pretty big reasons to do it.

A Cheer goes out to the Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) in both Wells and Blue Earth for taking the bold step to add housing in their respective towns by building twin homes in the two communities.

Quality, affordable housing is a key to any town’s potential growth, and the HRAs know it, and are to be commended for doing something about it.

Once again, I give a big Cheer to all of those folks who support their local newspaper. From the advertisers to the subscribers, from those who buy a copy at the stand or read it online, we appreciate all of you. And a Cheer to the great staff that works so hard to create the newspaper each and every week.

Thanks for reading us.