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Now the story behind all the pics

By Chuck Hunt - Editor | Sep 19, 2021

I had to work a lot of extra hours last weekend, after having put in a lot of hours during the week, as well. I’m not complaining, just stating the facts.

Now, before you might start feeling sorry for me, let me add that it was not exactly hard, physical-type work. I wasn’t pouring concrete or cutting down trees. I wasn’t even mowing the lawn.

In fact, it was hardly work at all and was actually kind of fun. I was taking a whole lot of pictures at a bunch of events that were going on the weekend of Sept. 10-12. You can see the results of all that picture taking on various pages of this week’s Faribault County Register.

For instance, there are some Blue Earth City Wide Garage Sale photos. You will be able to quickly tell that I was a bit surprised to find a lot of young kids out garage sale-ing this year. Now, that could be true every year, but this year I really noticed it. And, not only were they just tagging along with mom or dad, the kids were actually shopping themselves. They were finding their own treasures, something they wanted and could afford with their dollar or two budget.

You will see some photos of the 9/11 event held in Blue Earth at the fairgrounds on Sept. 11. Spearheaded by Blue Earth Area superintendent Mandy Fletcher and Veterans Service Officer Jenna Schmidtke, there was an excellent turnout for the 9.11 kilometer bike ride and five kilometer walk/run.

You will notice a photo of the Legion color guard standing in a line at the event. I also got a nice picture of them firing their rifles twice – once right before the start of the bike ride and again at the start of the walk-run. Those two events started right at the time of the first and second World Trade Center Twin Towers collapse 20 years ago in New York.

But, while the rifle firing photo is dramatic, I opted to run the one with the Legion members deep in thought about the event 20 years ago which changed America.

The three speakers, by the way, were excellent. I only wish more folks could have been there to hear them.

Then there was the Frost Fish Fry Benefit, on that same day. I have written before about this astounding event, which brings out folks not only from Frost but from the entire area. It is really something to see. The generosity and support for someone in need is truly heartwarming. And, seeing Kevin Steinhauer visiting with as many people who were there as he could, and trying to thank everyone, was something to see, as well.

Plus, I can’t believe the number of folks who thanked me for coming and taking some pics at the event. Only in a small town…

Saturday ended with a visit back to the fairgrounds again for some photos at the go kart races. I couldn’t believe the crowd – there were 82 racers signed up and they all had their own pit area, with parents and siblings there. It was packed. Again, it was quite the deal.

One of those pictures is of a smiling boy in front of his kart. That’s Garrett Gardner from Iowa. You may remember a photo of his little sister, Mattie, in this newspaper a couple of weeks ago.

Seems Garrett was a little bit upset with me that I took pictures of his sister and just ignored him last time I was at the track. So on this trip to the Golden Spike Raceway I took his photo and now he is in the newspaper, too. And he looks pretty happy about it.

I would say that with 82 racers last Saturday, and 84 at the previous race, the return of the go kart track in Blue Earth can be called a success.

On Sunday I traveled out to the Blue Earth Airport for the Eagles Club annual fly in event. Again, it was well attended, with a whole lot of kids in attendance there, too.

Between seeing the planes up close, the bouncy house, and catching pancakes on their plates as they flew through the air being flipped high by Chris Cakes, the kids were having a great time.

Oh, and they loved eating the pancakes, too. You can see that in one of the photos I took.

You will also see some photos of the Farming of Yester Year event in Kiester that went on over the weekend. I was going to head to Kiester to take photos there, too, but reporter Fiona Edberg gave me a break and she went instead. She got a lot of great photos of kids having fun driving tractors in the parade there.

So there you have it. Now you know the rest of the story. Nothing to do in a small town? Nothing could be further from the truth. After last year of having so many things shut down and cancelled, we are back in full swing here in the county and that means here at the Register as well.

And, one thing you may have noticed. In all those photos this week, not a single person is wearing a mask.

I sure hope that can continue to be true…