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Getting riled up over roundabouts

January 17, 2011 I went to cover a special meeting last Tuesday night, and found out there wasn’t one. It was something else instead. The meeting was at the Public Safety building, a.k.. more »»

Hope the council was listening

January 10, 2011 Blue Earth City Administrator Kathy Bailey conducted an interesting seminar last Monday night. more »»

2010 was a year full of odd stories

January 2, 2011 Was 2010 a strange year, or was it just me? By strange, I guess I mean from a news story point of view. more »»

Playing the devil’s advocate role

December 27, 2010 This week’s front page may seem a little strange to some of our readers. more »»

Time for one more Elmer story

December 20, 2010 If everyone at Elmer Knudsen’s funeral today (Monday) were to start telling favorite ‘Elmer stories,’ the service could go on for days. Everybody knew Elmer. more »»

They remember it like yesterday

December 12, 2010 December 7 is a day many people remember for one reason. It is the day Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese, and the U.S. entered World War II. more »»

Residents busy giving to others

December 6, 2010 With Thanksgiving over and roughly 20 days left until Christmas, we have definitely entered the holiday season. One name for this time period is the season for givin. more »»

Are budgets really necessary?

November 30, 2010 Everyone knows budgets are a good thing, and very necessary. Whether it is a personal household budget, a church budget, or a school district or city budget, it is a great tool. more »»

A perfect tree for our Green Giant

November 20, 2010 In next week’s Faribault County Register we will have photos of all of the activities which were occurring in Blue Earth on Saturday. more »»

Countywide cooperation needed

November 13, 2010 Economic development is a difficult activity. Especially here in southern, rural Minnesota. Let’s face some facts. The economy, overall, is not in great shape. more »»

You are only as old as you feel

November 6, 2010 I had what I guess is referred to as a ‘milestone’ birthday last week. I was hoping to just slip past it with little notice and minor fanfare, but that didn’t happen. more »»

Thinking ahead about crosswalks

October 30, 2010 With the 2010 construction season winding down, most residents who have been affected by construction projects are hoping they all get completed before another Minnesota winter sets in. more »»

Round three in the ward debate

October 22, 2010 It is an easy yes or no answer. The problem is, it isn’t an easy yes or no questio. more »»

Will Faribault County have to redistrict for commissioners?

October 16, 2010 On Nov. 2, voters in Blue Earth are going to make a variety of choices as they mark their ballots for many state, county, school district and local candidates. more »»

Fall is a time for many changes

October 9, 2010 Autumn is a season of change. In fact, October could be the one single month that sees the most things change, as opposed to any other month. more »»

He always wanted to dance at a BEAHS homecoming pepfest

October 2, 2010 Every once in a while there is a special moment that happens while I am out covering events. Take the week before last, for instanc. more »»

Always one who followed the different path after graduation

September 25, 2010 I have not been back to any of my high school class reunions. If there have, indeed, actually been any. I have my doubts. Graduating in a class of 550 in Denver, Colo. more »»

Blue Earth and Elmer Knudsen star in ‘Days Before Belvedere’

September 20, 2010 Perhaps you remember a story in the Oct. 14, 2006, Faribault County Register about a film crew in Blue Earth. Maybe you were somehow involved in the production. more »»

Judge candidate has been trying to change the election system

September 11, 2010 There has been one component on general election ballots which has always been a puzzle to me. Maybe it has been something you have noticed as wel. more »»

A prayer for one of our own...

September 4, 2010 I don’t often try and get too personal in this column, but this one may be an exception. more »»



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