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Public Notices 1-14-08

By Staff | Jan 14, 2008

Notice of Public Sale of Tax-Forfeited Lands

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That the parcels of land described in the List of Tax-Forfeited Land #2007-1 that is contained herein shall be sold to the highest bidder at public sale. The sale will be governed by the provisions of M.S. 282.01 and by the resolution of the Faribault County Board of Commissioners authorizing such sale. The resolution reads as follows:

BE IT RESOLVED, that all parcels of tax-forfeited land listed on the List of Tax Forfeited Land 2007-1, that is on file with the Faribault County Auditor, be approved and authorization for a public sale of this land be granted, pursuant to M.S. 282.01; that the sale will be held at 9:00 A.M., Wednesday, January 31, 2008, by the Faribault County Auditor in the County Board Room, Faribault County Courthouse, 415 North Main, Blue Earth, MN, for not less than the basic sale price; and that all sales shall be paid in full on that day.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That the conditions and terms of the public sale shall be described in the list contained here-in and approved by the Faribault County Board of Commissioners.

Information about the sale of tax-forfeited land in Faribault County can be obtained at the Office of the County Auditor, Faribault County Courthouse, 415 North Main, PO Box 130, Blue Earth, MN 56013. Telephone: (507)-526-6211.

Given under my hand and official seal at Blue Earth, Minnesota, this 8th day of January, 2008.

John L. Thompson

Faribault County Auditor

List of Tax-Forfeited Land #2007-1 For Public Sale


Basic Before Township/ City Parcel # Description Sale Price Forfeiture Blue Earth City 21.200.7411 S38' of 1 & 2 & S38' of E50' of $ 5,000.00 $ –

3, Block 74, O.P. Blue Earth

Blue Earth City 21.200.6401 S110' of Lot 10, Block 63, $ 100.00 $15,024.03

Original Plat of Blue Earth

Bricelyn City 22.200.2420 Lot 2, Block 13, O.P. Bricelyn $ 100.00 $ 55.00

Elmore City 25.200.0310 Lots 11 & 12, Block 2, O.P. Elmore $ 100.00 $ 1,039.56

Elmore City 25.682.0080 N123' of Lot 8, Block 1, Youman & $ 100.00 $ –

Stockman's 2nd Addition, City of Elmore

Winnebago City 31.643.1290 Lots 9 &10, Blk 5, Wallace Addition, $ 100.00 $ 859.39



Public Sales: Basic Sale Price

All parcels are offered at public auction and sold to the highest bidder. The minimum bid acceptable is the basic sale price that is shown on the list of tax-forfeited land. The basic sale price is equal to the appraised value or the appraised value plus any extra charges for special assessments levied after forfeiture and for hazardous waste control. The basic sale price is set to encourage the purchase of parcels and to return them to the tax rolls. Sale prices on forfeited tax parcels are not used to assess the taxable market value of these parcels.

Extra Fees and Costs: In addition to the Basic Sale Price

A 3% surcharge for the state assurance fund, a state deed fee of $25.00, a filing fee of $46.00, and a state deed tax of $1.65 per $500 of the basic sale price or a fraction thereof will be collected at the time of the sale for all parcels sold.

Payment Terms: Cash or good check on day of sale.

Special Assessments: Levied Before Forfeiture

The balance of any special assessments that were levied and canceled at forfeiture and that exceed the amount of the basic sale price may be reassessed by the municipality. These special assessments are shown on the list of tax-forfeited land with a special line entitled “Assessments before Forfeiture”.

Conditions: Restrictions on the Use of Properties

Sales are subject to the following restrictions on the use of the properties:

1. existing leases,

2. easements obtained by a governmental subdivision or state agency for a public purpose,

3. building codes and zoning laws

4. all sales are final with no refunds or exchanges allowed,

5. the appraised value does not represent a basis for future taxes.

Title – The buyer will receive a receipt at the time of sale. The Department of Revenue will issue a state quitclaim deed after full payment is made. A state deed has the characteristics of a patent from the State of Minnesota. Questions on a state deed should be addressed to the prospective buyers attorney. All property is sold in “as is” condition.

John L. Thompson, Faribault County Auditor

January 14, 21, 2008