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Public Notices 11-08-10 Continued

By Staff | Nov 6, 2010


Member Fellows introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption: BEA School District 2860 has initiated a plan to increase the number of students who participate in MSHSL sponsored activities. The BEA School District will provide grants, funded in part by the MSHSL Foundation, to help cover the cost of the activity fees for students who qualify for free and reduced lunches and don’t participate because they can’t afford the participation fees. The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly seconded by Member Eckhardt and upon vote being taken thereon, the following voted in favor thereof-Bly, Cahill, Haugh, Hanson, Eckhardt, Fellows, Becker. The following voted against: none. Whereupon said resolution was declared duly passed and adopted.

On a Becker/Haugh motion the board approved the application for Cooperative Sponsorship-Alpine Skiing. Unanimous approval.

On a Haugh/Becker motion the board approved the miscellaneous pay rates, as presented, for 2010-2011. Unanimous approval.

On a Fellows/Hanson motion the board approved the Assurance of Compliance report, as presented, for 2010-2011. Unanimous approval.

On a Becker/Cahill motion the board approved the hiring of Matthew Ulrich, Catherine Douglas, Kerri Amundson and Heather Hernandez. Unanimous approval.

On a Eckhardt/Fellows motion the board approved the retirement of Jannette Walker. Unanimous approval.

On a Cahill/Becker motion, the board adjourned at 7:25 p.m. Unanimous approval.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Y. Fellows, Clerk

November 8, 2010







711 6th Ave. SE

Winnebago, MN 56098

YOU WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Corn Plus, LLLP, a Minnesota limited liability limited partnership subject to Chapter 321 of the Minnesota Statutes and doing business at 711 6th Avenue SE, Winnebago, MN 56098 (hereinafter, the “Limited Partnership”) states as follows:

1. The Limited Partnership is dissolved.

2. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute Section 321.0807, any and all claims against the Limited Partnership shall be presented to the Limited Partnership in writing at the mailing address of 711 6th Avenue SE, Winnebago, MN 56098 and shall contain all of the following information:

a. Name of the claimant;

b. Amount or nature of such claim; and

c. Description of incidence, agreement, contract, document, or instrument underlying or relevant to such claim, if any.

4. Any claim against the Limited Partnership is barred unless an action to enforce the claim is commenced within five (5) years after publication of this Notice.

5. The barring of a claim against the Limited Partnership will also bar any corresponding claim against any general partner of the Limited Partnership.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned being the sole general partner of the Limited Partnership hereby signs and executes this Notice of Dissolution pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 321.0807.

Dated: September 21, 2010 CORN PLUS,

a Minnesota cooperative,

as the sole general partner of Corn Plus, LLLP

By: /s/ William Drager

Name: William Drager

Title: Board President

November 8, 2010






OCTOBER 19, 2010

1. All members were present. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

2. Approved synopsis and official proceedings of October 5, 2010.

3. Approved agenda of October 19, 2010.

4. Adopted Resolution 10-CB-38 authorizing participation in the 2008 Homeland Security and Emergency Management grant. Commissioners Erichsrud, Groskreutz, Loveall, Roper, and Warmka voted yes.

5. Accepted Labor Management Committee’s recommendation for health insurance plans for 2011 through BlueCross Blue Shield of Minnesota as follows: Triple Gold $1,000 deductible, VEBA $3,000 deductible, Health Savings Account $3,000 deductible, and Health Savings Account $5,000 deductible.

6. Approved sending thank you letters to those persons and organizations that helped with the HHW collection after the recent flooding.

7. Approved the following SSTS loan requests: $2,214.52 to Luke Blakesley on Parcel No. 05.007.0800 in Delavan Township and $8,706.00 to Lawrence Jahnke on Parc­el No. 10.261.0170 in JoDaviess Township.

8. Approved Resolution 10-CB-39 the wind energy conversion system ordinance as recommended by the planning commission. Commissioners Erichsrud, Groskreutz, Loveall, Roper, and Warmka voted yes.

9. Approved Resolution 10-CB-40 to set 2011 ditch assessments. Commissioners Erichsrud, Groskreutz, Loveall, Roper, and Warmka voted yes.

10. Approved obtaining a lead paint/asbestos report on forfeited Parcel No. 24.200.0680.

11. Approved Resolution 10-CB-41 implementing statutory process for classifying tax forfeited parcels by the County Board. Commissioners Erichsrud, Groskreutz, Loveall, Roper, and Warmka voted yes.

12. Accepted Auditor-Treasurer report on the designation of depositories of funds naming the following financial institutions as depositories of funds provided they furnish proper and sufficient collateral needed for such deposits: Wells Fargo Bank, First Bank of Blue Earth, First Financial Bank of Winnebago, State Bank of Bricelyn, Pioneer Bank of Elmore and Delavan, Peoples State Bank of Wells, Frost State Bank, State Bank of Easton, Paragon Bank of Wells, Wells Federal Bank of Wells and Blue Earth, and Valley Bank of Minnesota Lake.

13. Approved an agreement between the University of Minnesota and Faribault County for providing Extension programs locally and employing Extension staff for three years beginning January 1, 2011 and ending on December 31, 2013.

14. Approved payment of bills totaling $626,422.81.

Discussion was held concerning the following:

1. S. Adams met regarding sheriff business.

2. B. Ripley met regarding central services business.

3. L. Krosch met regarding SSTS loans.

4. M. Stindtman met regarding Soil and Water/Planning and Zoning.

5. J. McDonald met regarding public works business.

Complete minutes are on file in the Central Services Office.

The meeting was adjourned for the month of October 2010.

William Groskreutz, Jr., Chairman

John Thompson, Auditor/Treasurer/


November 8, 2010




DATE: October 28, 2010

YOU ARE NOTIFIED that default has occurred in the conditions of the following described Mortgage:

1. Date of Mortgage: January 12, 2006.

2. Mortgagors: Vicki D. Kuhn and Brian J. Forney

3. Mortgagees: Paragon Bank

4. Recording Information: Recorded on January 24, 2006, as Document Number 335025, in the Office of the County Recorder of Faribault County, Minnesota.

5. Assignments of Mortgage: if any: None.

6. Tax parcel identification numbers of the mortgaged premises: 30-245-1230.

7. Legal description of the mortgaged premises: Lots Twenty-Two (22) and Twenty-Three (23) in Block Five (5), Garlock’s Addition to the City of Wells, Faribault County, Minnesota

8. The physical street address, city, and zip code of the mortgaged premises: 1192 3rd Avenue S.W., Wells, MN 56097

9. The person holding the Mortgage is not a transaction agent, as defined by Minn. Stat. §58.02, subd. 30. The name(s) of the residential mortgage servicer and the lender or broker, as defined in Minn. Stat. §58.02, is Paragon Bank.

10. If stated on the Mortgage, the name of the mortgage originator, as defined in Minn. Stat. §58.02, is Paragon Bank.

11. The requisites of Minn. Stat. §580.02 have been satisfied.

12. The original principal amount secured by the Mortgage was $21,679.87.

13. At the date of this notice the amount due on the Mortgage, including taxes, if any, paid by the holder of the Mortgage, is: $18,987.91.

14. Pursuant to the power of sale in the Mortgage, the Mortgage will be foreclosed, and the mortgaged premises will be sold by the Sheriff of Faribault County, Minnesota, at public auction on December 28, 2010, 10:00 a.m. at the Faribault County Sheriff’s Main Office, 320 Dr. H. Russ St., Blue Earth, MN.

15. The time allowed by law for redemption by Mortgagor or Mortgagor’s personal representatives or assigns is six (6) months after the date of sale.

16. Minn. Stat. §580.04(b) provides. “If the real estate is an owner-occupied, single-family dwelling, the notice must also specify the date on or before which the mortgagor must vacate the property if the mortgage is not reinstated under section 580.30 or the property redeemed under section 580.23.” If this statute applies, the time to vacate the property is 11:59 p.m. on June 28, 2011.

Mortgagor(s) released from financial obligation on mortgage:?none.


Name of Mortgagee or

Mortgage Assignee

Paragon Bank

Name and address of

Attorney for Mortgagee or

Mortgage Assignee

Aaron J. Glade (#316325)

Farrish Johnson Law Office, Chtd.

1907 Excel Drive

Mankato, MN 56001

Phone: (507) 625-2525


November 8, 15, 22, 29,

December 6, 13, 2010







Raymond Hornke



Orville Stensland Estate, Marvis A. Stensland, Bruce Stensland, Bryan Stensland, Rhonda Keister, Sharon Jahnke, George Stensland Estate, Jean A. Stensland, Thomas Stensland, Judy Hinrichsen, Gloria Curtis, Ronald Stensland, Marilyn M. Stensland, Donald Stensland, Dorothy M. Stensland, Lois Hornke Estate, Russell D. Hornke, Debra Germer, Kayla Erdmann, and also the unknown heirs of these named Defendants, and all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, estate, interest or lein in the real estate described in the Complaint herein



1. YOU ARE BEING SUED. The Plaintiff has started a lawsuit against you. The Plaintiff’s Complaint against you is on file in the office of the court administrator of the above named court. Do not throw these papers away. They are official papers that affect your rights. You must respond to this lawsuit even though it may not yet be filed with the Court and there may be no court file number on this summons.

2. YOU MUST REPLY WITHIN 20 DAYS TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. You must give or mail to the person who signed this summons a written response called an Answer within 20 days of the date on which you received this Summons. You must send a copy of your Answer to the person who signed this summons located at:

117 West Fifth Street

P.O. Box 95

Blue Earth, MN

3. YOU MUST RESPOND TO EACH CLAIM. The Answer is your written response to the Plaintiff’s Complaint. In your answer you must state whether you agree or disagree with each paragraph of the Complaint. If you believe the Plaintiff should not be given everything asked for in the Complaint, you must say so in your Answer.

4. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CASE IF YOU DO NOT SEND A WRITTEN RESPONSE TO THE COMPLAINT TO THE PERSON WHO SIGNED THIS SUMMONS. If you do not Answer within 20 days, you will lose this case. You will not get to tell your side of the story, and the Court may decide against you and award the Plaintiff everything asked for in the complaint. If you do not want to contest the claims stated in the complaint, you do not need to respond. A default judgment can then be entered against you for the relief requested in the complaint.

5. LEGAL ASSISTANCE. You may wish to get legal help from a lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, the Court Administrator may have information about places where you can get legal assistance. Even if you cannot get legal help, you must still provide a written Answer to protect your rights or you may lose the case.

6. ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION. The parties may agree to or be ordered to participate in an alternative dispute resolution process under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice. You must still send your written response to the Complaint even if you expect to use alternative means of resolving this dispute.

7. THIS LAWSUIT MAY AFFECT OR BRING INTO QUESTION TITLE TO REAL PROPERTY located in Faribault County, State of Minnesota, legally described as follows:

The Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SE1/4 of SW 1/4) and Government Lot 2 all in Section One (1) in Township One Hundred One (101) North, Range Twenty-eight (28) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian in the County of Faribault and State of Minnesota, lying East of the centerline of County State Aid Highway excepting therefrom the following described tract:

A tract of land in Government Lot Two (2) of said Section One (1) described as commencing at the restored Southwest corner of the Southwest Quarter (SW1/4) of said Section One (1), as marked by a railroad spike in County State Aid Highway No. 9; thence North 31 degrees 41 minutes 40 seconds East a distance of 697.88 feet to the point of beginning; thence South 89 degrees 11 minutes 20 seconds East a distance of 568.38 feet to an iron pipe survey marker; thence North 0 degrees 48 minutes 40 seconds East a distance of 449.27 feet to an iron pipe survey marker; thence North 87 degrees 41 minutes 20 seconds West a distance of 457.00 feet to the plat centerline of County State Aid Highway No. 9; thence South 0 degrees 48 minutes 40 seconds West along said centerline a distance of 76.73 feet to a circular curve, concave westerly and having a radius of 716.80 feet; thence Southerly and Southwesterly along said circular curve an centerline through a central angle of 30 degrees 53 minutes 00 seconds an arc length of 386.36 feet; thence South 31 degrees 41 minutes 40 seconds West along said centerline a distance of 19.31 feet to the point of beginning. Said tract contains 5.165 acres including an easement for public roadway right-of-way along the westerly line of the herein described tract.

For the purposes of this description, a line joining the restored Southwest corner of the Southwest Quarter (SW1/4) of Section 1, Township 101 North, Range 28 West as marked by an iron spike survey marker and the Northwest corner of the Northwest Quarter of Section 1 also marked by an iron spike survey marker, is assumed to bear North 0 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds East.

The object of this action is Quiet Title Action.

Dated: October 26, 2010.


/s/ Michael D. Johnson

Attorney for Plaintiff

117 West Fifth Street

P.O. Box 95

Blue Earth, MN 56013

Atty. Reg. No. 51433

(507) 526-2177

Nov. 8, 15, 22, 2010



Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received for the furnishing of labor, materials, equipment and skills required for: Asbestos Abatement and Lead Shielding Removal at:

United Hospital District Clinic Addition and Hospital Expansion, Blue Earth Minnesota.

Sealed stipulated sum bids will be received at the Classroom of the United Hospital District, 515 South Moore Street, Blue Earth, Mn, 56013 until 3:00 P.M. on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010, at which time the bids will be opened and publicly read.

Sealed bids sent by mail or delivery service shall be addressed to Jeff Lang, CEO, United Hospital District, 515 South Moore Street, Blue Earth, Mn. 56013, with the outer envelope clearly marked: Bid Enclosed: Asbestos Abatement and Lead Shielding Removal, United Hospital District Clinic Addition and Hospital Expansion. Facsimile or electronic bids will not be accepted.

Submit bids in duplicate on bid form provided. It is the sole responsibility of the bidder that bids are received by the date and time specified, bids received after this date and time will be returned unopened. Bids may not be withdrawn for a period of 45 calendar days after opening of bids.

Prebid Meeting: A mandatory prebid meeting will be held at the site on Monday, Nov. 22nd at 4:00 PM.

Bid Security: Required in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check or bidder’s bond in the amount of not less than 5% of total bid, as a guarantee that bidder, if awarded a contract, will properly execute the contract.

Performance and Labor/Material Payment Bonds: Required for the full contract amount, the cost of which is to be included in Bid Amounts.

Plans and Specifications: are available upon request from the Construction Manager, United Builders of Blue Earth, Inc. Phone 507-526-2313.

The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids, accept bids it deems to be in its best interest, to waive any informalities or irregularities in bids submitted and waive minor irregularities or discrepancies in the bidding procedure.

November 8, 2010