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Girls 1st, boys 1st at Waterville

By Staff | Sep 29, 2008

A perfect day. It was a perfect score for the Buc girls cross country team Thursday in Waterville.

And, the boys also took home first place honors with 35 points, eight less than Lake City.

BEA girls tallied 15 points, placing a runner in four of the top five spots to take first place.

Courtney Grandgenett posted the fastest overall time of the day, covering the 4,000 meters in 17:00.

The next Buc to cross the finish line was LaNay Walker in 17:17 for grabbed third place (4-3-3) and Rylee Wagner’s 17:26 was good enough for fourth place (5-4-4).

Marissia Hagedorn was fifth in 17:43 (2-5-5), followed by Mandy Warmka’s 17:49 for sixth place (6-6-6).

Lindsey Ankeny was clocked in 18:04 to grab eighth (8-8-8) and Miranda Murray was 10th with an 18:33 (9-10-10).

Junior varsity results:

(4,000 meters)

Courtney Dunbar — 20:13, 18th (19-18-18)

Kelly Aukes — 21:14, 24th (26-24-24)

Niki Welder — 22:15, 26th (25-26-26)

Audrey Schmidtke — 23:35, 27th (27-27-27)

Makenzie Jenkins — 23:38, 28th (28-28-28)

Amanda Pecholt — 24:15, 29th (29-30-29)

Taylor Swanson — 24:20, 30th (30-29-30)

Emily Clement — 27:24, 31st (31-31-31)

Mercedes Briseno — 28:36, 33rd (34-33-33)

Moira Jans — 32:31, 34th  (35-34-34)

Junior high results:

(3,200 meters):

Sierra Halvorson — 14:44 (3rd).

Anna Aukes — 14:58 (5th)


Team Results:   Blue Earth Area 15, Lake City 49, Maple River, NRHEG, and WEM incomplete

The BEA boys placed five runners in the Top 10 on their way to the title.

Leading the way was Eduardo Vega with a fifth-place showing with a 19:27 (6-6-5).

Riley Holmseth’s 19:34 was the seventh overall best time  in the 5,000-meter race (11-9-7).

Wade Wilhelmi was only three seconds behind Holmseth with a 19:37 for eighth place (7-7-8), edging out Aaron Wilhelmi in ninth place with 19:38  (8-8-9).

Brandon Christians took 10th with 20:14 (10-11-10), while Travis Hagedorn was 13th with a time of 20:48    (13-12-13) and Garrett Passer’s 21:37 put him 17th overall (21-17-17).

Junior varsity results:

(5,000 meters)

Tommy Handke — 22:52, 25th (31-27-25)

Jason Mertens — 23:09, 28th  (30-28-28)

Alvin Goraczkowski — 23:37, 32nd  (32-32-32)

Hans Kittleson — 24:55, 35th   (34-35-35)

Tedd Bakken — 29:25, 40th   (40-40-40)

Chandler Hassing — 40:51, 42nd (42-42-42)

Junior high results:

(3,200 meters):

JT Roe — 12:22, 1st

Korey Frandle — 12:33, 2nd

Luke Loveall — 15:50 , 6th  

Jake Berndt — 17:26 , 8th

Team results:  Blue Earth Area 35, Lake City 43, Maple River 63, WEM 91, NRHEG incomplete

Hundreds of runners took part in the Milaca Mega Meet held Sept. 20 and the Bucs fared well in their respective grade divisions.

In the girls varsity 4,000-meter race, BEA girls placed 15th in a field of 17 teams. Adrian (38) claimed the first-place trophy, while Fairmont (88) was second.

Mandy Warmka took 28th (25th for team scoring) in 16:57, while Miranda Murray cracked the Top 50 in the 42nd spot (39th team scoring) with a time of 17:31. Niki Welder was the next Buc to finish the race in 20:24, for 118th overall (96th team scoring). Taylor Swanson’s 22:53 put her 127th (103rd team scoring), followed by Amanda Pecholt at 129th (105th team scoring) in 23:15 and Emily Clement in the 132nd spot (107th team scoring) with 25:13.

The Buc 10th Grade Girls took fifth among 12 teams.

BEA tallied 107 points, just eight behind fourth-place Centennial. Moorhead won the title with 45 points.

LaNay Walker earned an individual trophy with a sixth-place time (4th place for team scoring) of 16:28.

Taking home ribbons were Rylee Wagner taking 15th (10th team scoring) in 16:57 and Lindsey Ankeny 20th (13th team scoring) with 17:27.

Courtney Dunbar completed the course in 18:43 for 54th (32nd team scoring), while Kelly Aukes was 82nd (48th team scoring) in 19:34, Mackenzie Determan 84th (49th team scoring) with 19:44, and Mercedes Briseno 149th (75th team scoring) in 28:37.

Freshmen Courtney Grand-genett and Marissia Hage-dorn earned trophies in their 4,000-meter race.

Grandgenett was fourth overall in 16:09, while Hagedorn grabbed sixth with 16:24. Moira Jans took 169th with a 29:42.

Sierra Halvorson was missed winning a ribbon in the seventh-grade 3,200-meter race. She finished with a time of 13:43, the same as Emma Sandy of Minot, N.D. Haley Welker was 77th with a 15:47.


On the boys side, Eduardo Vega led the way crossing the finish line in 18:29 to place 42nd.

Garrett Passer covered the 5,000-meter course in 20:36 for 128th, followed by Tommy Handke at 136th in 21:10 and Jason Mertens 153rd with a 22:18.

In the sophomore division, BEA took third place among 21 teams. The Bucs had 128 points, behind second-place Owatonna (109) and champion Stillwater (101).

Riley Holmseth was 18th overall (12th for team scoring) with a 18:32. Aaron Wilhelmi’s 18:47 was the 29th (21st team scoring) best time overall, while brother Wade Wilhelmi was 32nd (23rd team scoring) in 18:54.

Brandon Christians notched the 39th spot (30th team scoring) in 19:16 and Travis Hagedorn’s 19:41 put him 55th (42nd team scoring).

Alvin Goraczkowski finished the race in 22:53 for 174th (111th team scoring, while Hans Kittleson was 179th (114th team scoring) in 23:08 and Tedd Bakken took 224th in 27:53.

Jake Zebedee was the lone Buc representative in freshmen race. He was clocked in 20:39 to take 69th.

In the eighth-grade 3,200- meter competition, JT Roe was 51st with 12:44 and Luke Loveall 177th with a time of 16:57.

Seventh-grader Korey Frandle posted a time of 13:08 for 30th and Jake Berndt was 162nd in 17:59.