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Teams take 18th at Milaca Mega Meet

By Staff | Oct 2, 2011

Considered one of the largest high school meets in the United States, the Blue Earth Area girls and boys cross country runners took part in the Milaca Mega Meet held Saturday, Sept. 24.

Races are held at each grade level, varsity through seventh grade.

The Bucs varsity girls finished 18th out of 21 teams.

Courtney Grandgenett took 33rd in the 4,000-meter race with a time of 16 minutes, 15 seconds, followed by Marissia Hagedorn in the No. 43 spot in 16:37.

Mara Fenske was in 141st place in 19:52, with Laura Soerensen taking 148th in 21:19, Kristine Volz one spot behind with 21:24 and Josselyn Martinez at 153rd place with 22:58.

The boys took 18th out of 23 teams.

Jake Wagner was the first to complete the 5,000-meter race with a time of 18 minutes to finish 43rd.

Next was Jake Zebedee with a 75th-place time of 18:49.

Ben Krussow was 112th in 19:53, followed by Isaac Vasquez at 114th in 19:58 and Daniel Tsai in 162nd in 24:20.

The Bucs had five runners winning a trophy or ribbon in their respective grade-level race.

Freshman Signe Olson won a 12th-place ribbon with in time of 17:03 in her 4,000-meter race.

In the eighth-grade 3,200-meter race, Taylor Grandgenett took home a seventh-place trophy crossing the finish line in 13:04, while Shayna Stevermer posted a 25th-place ribbon winning time of 13:50.

Seventh-grader Mariah Halvorson covered 3,200 meters in 13:27 to claim an individual third-place trophy.

For the boys, freshman Mike Ankeny finished 17th overall in his 5,000 meters with a time of 18:24 to win a ribbon.

Other girls results:

(4,000 meters)

10th grade

126. Sierra Halvorson, 20:25.

127. Anna Aukes,, 20:25.

169. Alexis Brooks, 22:50.

187. Bess Clement, 27:31.

9th grade

72. Athena Peterson, 18:54.

102. Rowan Hacken, 20:28.

111. Autumn Foster, 20:53.

8th grade

(3,200 meters)

50. Nyla Anderson, 13:50.

51. Makenzie Slette, 14:48.

Other boys results:

(5,000 meters)

10th grade

133. Kyle Mercer, 20:55.

9th grade

122. Nick Shure, 21:42.

144. Nick Lein, 22:12.

254. Ike Zebedee, 30:28.

8th grade

(3,200 meters)

41. Adam Buseman, 12:48.

45. Kolt Gorg, 12:51.

81. Colin Squiers, 13:20.

82. Zach Vaske, 13:20.

188. Jack Nimz, 16:24.

192. Zack Shure, 16:32.

7th grade

81. Seth Becker, 15:01.