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BEA competes at SCC indoor

By Staff | Apr 1, 2012

If the first indoor meet of the season is any indication, the Blue Earth Area girls and boys track and field teams will be competitive this year.

The Bucs either broke or tied several school records during the South Central Conference Indoor Meet on March 23 at Minnesota State University in Mankato.

For the boys, there were several indoor marks set.

Jake Zebedee took first place in the pole vault with a first-place height off 14 feet, 6 inches. That broke his old mark of 14 feet and solidified his No. 1 ranking indoors.

He was clocked in 7.1 seconds to win the 60-meter dash and claim the top spot on the Honor Roll List.

Zebedee also anchored the winning 4 x 400 relay team.

His a split of 52.4 seconds combined with Jacob Olson (54.9), Jake Wagner (57.1) and Taylor Olson (56.5) gave the foursome a time of 3:40.8 and the top time on the Honor Roll List.

Nick Beattie took first in the 200-meter dash in 23.6 seconds and now holds the fastest time indoors. His leap of 19 feet, 3 1/2 inches was good enough for fourth place in the long jump and fourth on the Honor Roll.

Beattie (24.1) teamed up with Jacob Olson (23.6), Isaac Darrington (23.7) and Zebedee (22.4) to win the 4 x 200-meter relay in 1:33.8 and take over the No. 1 spot indoors.

Darrington cleared the bar at 6 feet, 4 inches in the high jump to win the event and now holds the best overall mark indoors.

Taylor Olson’s mark of 18 feet, 2 1/2 inches was good enough for sixth place and now ranks him 10th indoors.

Olson (25.6), Justin Ritter (25.8), Kysten Zierke (59.7) and Jake Wagner (2:12.2) finished with a time of 4:04.2 in the medley relay to take second and move into the No. 2 spot on the indoor list.

Bailey Olson’s jump of 35 feet, 7 1/2 inches was good enough for second place in the triple jump. Olson also claimed fourth in the 400-meter dash with a time of 58.4.

In the shot put, Josh Johnson’s toss of 42 feet, 4 inches was third overall.

And, Brandon Olson was clocked in 11 seconds to place fifth in the 60-meter intermediate hurdles.

On the girls side, the medley relay of Nicole Carr (31.7), Annemarie Hoyt (30.7), Courtney Grandgenett (65.3) and Krista Hassing (2:21.4) crossed the finish line with a winning time of 4:29.0 and also took over the No. 1 spot indoors.

Taking first place in the 4 x 400 relay with a time of 4:25.5 were Karli Olsen (67.2), Taylor Grandgenett (68.9), Shayna Stevermer (67.0) and Krista Hassing (62.2).

The foursome of Anne Franta (29.3), Miranda Johnson (28.9), Erin Olson (30.5) and Karli Olsen (28.4) were second in the 4 x 200-meter relay with 1:56.9.

In the 60-meter high hurdles, Marissia Hagedorn broke the tape in 9.2 seconds for first place, while Taylor Grandgenett was third in 10.4 and also takes over the No. 3 spot indoors.

Hagedorn was first in the pole vault, clearing the bar at 10 feet. Chante Anderson’s height of 7 feet, 6 inches was good for third place and No. 4 overall indoors.

Krista Hassing’s mark of 32 feet, 9 1/4 inches gave her second place in the triple jump.

Taking over the No. 3 spot indoors in the long jump was Karli Olsen with a fourth-place leap of 15 feet, 5 1/4 inches.

In the sprints, Anne Franta was third in the 60-meter dash in 8.4 seconds and Skylee Bell took third in the 200-meter dash with a time of 29.3 seconds. She is now No. 9 on the indoor Honor Roll List.

Courtney Grandgenett posted a third-place time of 2:33.8 in the 800-meter run. That also ranks the Buc senior No. 7 on the Honor Roll List.

In the 400-meter dash, Kaitlyn Olsen grabbed third place in 67.7 seconds.

Other girls results:

Long jump: Miranda Johnson, 13-7, 11th; Erin Olson, 13-7, 12th; Mara Fenske, 13-2 1/4; 14th.

Triple jump: Elizabeth Ellis, 27-1, 9th; Sydney Henningsen, 26-8, 11th; Delaney Zierke, 25-2 1/2, 16th.

High jump: Krista Hassing, 4-6, 8th; Shayna Stevermer, 4-2, 10th.

Shot put: Hannah Twedt, 24-5, 10th; Mariah Twedt, 22-7, 12th; Annemarie Hoyt, 22-3 1/2, 13th; Aaryn Frazier, 21-10 1/2, 15th; Laura Soerensen, 20-11, 16th; Kim Heesch, 20-6, 17th; Emma Olson, 19-0, 22nd; Meike Ritsema, 15-1, 25th.

60-meter high hurdles: Chante Anderson, 11.0, 6th.

60-meter low hurdless: Zoe Thompson, 11.6, 7th; Sierra Halvorson, 11.8, 8th; Madalyn Gaydon, 12.2, 11th; Nyla Anderson, 12.3, 12th.

60-meter dash: Skylee Bell, 8.6, 6th; Paige Darrington, 8.7, 8th; Jennifer Quintero, 9.5, 15th.

200-meter dash: Paige Darrington, 30.5, 8th; Victoria Ellis, 33.8, 14th; Kassy Juarez, 35.4, 18th.

400-meter dash: Signe Olson, 70.2, 7th; Frannie Tetzlaff, 72.9, 9th; Mara Fenske, 74.9, 13th.

800-meter run: Athena Peterson, 2:50.1, 9th; Riley Mack, 2:54.3, 10th; Meredith Hagedorn, 3:08.5, 13th.

1,600-meter run: Mariah Halvorson, 6:12.2, 7th; Makenzie Slette, 6:59.1, 13th; Alexis Brooks, 7:41.9, 17th.

Other boys results:

4 x 800-meter relay: Isaac Miranda (2:19.4), Mike Ankeny (2:23.1), Nick Shure (2:34.2), Isaac Vasquez (2:29.3), 9:43.0, 5th.

Pole vault: Brandon Olson, 8-0, 6th.

Long jump: Brandon Olson, 15-0, 17th; Tyler Hannaman, 14-4 1/2, 19th.

Triple jump: Nick Shure, 33-1 1/4, 6th.

High jump: Brad More, 4-6, 13th.

Shot put: Brad More, 40-8 1/2, 6th; Danny Krieger, 34-3, 12th; Korey Frandle, 34-0, 13th; Garrett Christensen, 34-0, 14th; Micah Twedt, 33-0, 16th; Andy Wigern, 32-7, 18th; Reed Krieger, 23-4, 24th; Brett Nowak, 22-4 1/2, 25th.

60-meter dash: Calvin Sanders, 7.8, 10th; Dakota Jahnke, 8.3, 14th; Zach Thompson, 9.2, 17th.

200-meter dash: Justin Ritter, 25.9, 8th; Kysten Zierke, 26.2, 11th; Dakota Jahnke, 27.4, 15th.

400-meter dash: Calvin Sanders, 61.8, 7th; Daniel Tsai, 67.3, 15th.

800-meter run: Mike Ankeny, 2:24.1, 6th; Isaac Vasquez, 2:33.0, 10th; Chris Sanders, 2:34.1, 11th; Zach Vaske, 2:43.8, 15th.

1,600-meter run: Ben Krussow, 5:37.6, 11th; Kyle Mercer, 5:42.4, 13th; Arne Schenk, 6:25.7, 17th.