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Bucs softball?loses to New Ulm 10-2

By Staff | Apr 15, 2012

The BEA softball team had some good hits at their home game against New Ulm, Thursday April 12, but they weren’t quite good enough to pull out a win.

The first three innings kept the team on pretty even terms, as neither team was able to bring in a run.

New Ulm, however, snuck ahead in the bottom of the third inning, bringing in one run to gain the upper hand against BEA.

The fourth inning allowed New Ulm to creep ahead with three more runs bringing the score up to 4-0.

The Bucs had some good hits which started to pay off in the fourth inning as the team finally brought in two runs.

Both New Ulm and BEA failed to score anymore runs during the sixth inning. Finally in the bottom of the seventh inning, New Ulm snagged the win bringing in six more runs.

“Going into the seventh the score was 2-4, but New Ulm gained momentum and scored some insurance runs,” Abby Bloomquist says.

Megan Wirtjes had a strong pitching arm all seven innings and scored two runs at bat.

“We played tough defense and our bats came alive tonight,” the coach says.

Audrey McDonald showed off BEA’s batting strength with a nice hit bringing in two runs for the Bucs.

Ashton Hendricksen managed to represent the team with a hit that allowed her to steal two bases for BEA. Janessa Jahnke and Abby Nimz also had hot bats that night. Nimz scoring one of the two runs for BEA.

Although the Bucs failed to pull out a win, they put up a good fight.

“The Bucs softball team played a very tough game tonight,” Bloomquist says.

“It was really nice to see the girls played ball like they’re capable of doing. We’re hoping to carry this momentum into next week and put some games in the win column,” she adds.

Belle Plaine 10, BEA 4

The Buccaneer softball team put up a good fight against Belle Plaine at their away game on Monday, April 9 but ended up falling short.

“This was a difficult night for us and not just because of the cold and wind,”?Coach Abby Bloomquist says.

The game started with Belle Plaine bringing in six runs in the first inning, with the Bucs only coming in with one.

“We got off to a rough start with Belle Plaine scoring six to start the game,”? Bloomquist says. “If we were to take away the first inning the outcome may have been different for us.”

The second inning didn’t provide any better results for the Bucs as they brought in zero runs against the three extra runs Belle Plaine scored.

The Bucs tried to make up the difference in the next inning by scoring three runs, only allowing Belle Plaine to sneak one more run in.

“Our girls didn’t just roll over and give up,” Bloomquist says, “which is a great sign as we look forward to the rest of the season.”

The last four innings were spent by the Bucs trying to play catch up, but they didn’t provide anymore runs by the end of the seventh inning.

Abby Nimz pitched the game and allowed 11 hits and 10 runs to be scored.

Ashton Hendricksen scored two runs for the Bucs, while Whitney Pirsig scored one run and batted in two of the other runs.

Audrey McDonald also scored one of the four runs for BEA.

“We just need to make sure that we pounce on teams early and get runs so that we aren’t forced to play catch up,” Bloomquist says.

St. Peter 18, BEA 0

The BEA softball team had another rough night as they faced St. Peter Tuesday, April 10.

“The other team proved themselves to be tough both offensively and defensively,” Coach Bloomquist said.

With St. Peter scoring four runs in the first inning and 10 in the second inning, BEA fell behind quickly.

“We faced a bit of trouble early on in the game, and we never quite recovered from that,”?Bloomquist says.

Megan Wirtjes pitched the first three innings, with Abby Nimz stepping in as relief pitcher for the last inning.

“Wirtjes and Nimz did all that they could from the mound, but unfortunately St. Peter had an answer for everything that they threw,” Bloomquist says.

Wirtjes and Chelsea Owen both had good hits during the game, with Owen hitting a double in the fourth inning.

“We had some nice shots,” the BEA?coach says, “but we just couldn’t get our hits to fall.”

However, it wasn’t enough to keep up with St. Peter.

“St. Peter’s bats were hot, and their defense was nearly flawless,” she says.

Bloomquist has confidence that the girls will come back in their next game against New Ulm.

“We’re looking to come back refreshed and ready to battle New Ulm,”?she adds.