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Softball Bucs fall to Bluejays, 7-0

By Staff | Apr 29, 2012

The Blue Earth Area softball team was hoping to pull out a win at Thursday night’s game against Waseca. But, unfortunately ended up falling behind early in the game and found themselves with another loss.

Megan Wirtjes took the mound and pitched the entire game, she threw for 26 at bats that allowed six hits for the Waseca Bluejays.

The Bucs continued to have strong, solid hits throughout the game that are just not quite strong enough to produce any runs.

Audrey McDonald stepped up to bat three times but only had one hit that unfortunately didn’t amount to a run.

Abby Nimz took one hit away from her three at bats, but didn’t make it across the plate to score for her team.

Megan Wirtjes also worked as hard as she could with her one hit to attempt to score for the Bucs but was unable to generate any runs.

Monica Krieger followed suit with three at bats and snagging one hit. But, in the end was unsuccessful at putting a run on the Bucs scoreboard.

The Bucs and Bluejays both finished the first inning without either team producing any runs.

But, Waseca was able to grab a run in the bottom of the second inning, allowing them an early lead in the game.

In the third inning, the Jays continued to forge ahead leaving the Bucs in the dust with another run bringing the score up to 2-0.

Waseca continuing to gain ground against BEA, managed to stack up more runs during the fifth and sixth innings. The sixth inning ended with a score of 4-0.

The Bluejays continued to stack up the runs during the seventh, bringing three more across home plate.

Waseca drove a hard bargain that ended up shutting the Bucs out with a score of 7-0,

Fairmont 5, BEA 4

The Blue Earth Area softball team played Fairmont on Monday. Both teams played a good game that ended up being a close match-up.

“The girls played tough defense and had solid hits tonight,” Coach Abby Bloomquist says, “But unfortunately we came up one run short.”

The Bucs started off on the right foot, scoring the first run of the game and leaving the Cardinals trailing behind.

“Tonight we came ready to play and took an early lead,” Bloomquist says.

BEA brought in another run for themselves and allowed Fairmont to sneak in their first run in the second inning as well.

But, BEA?only managed to keep the small lead they had over the competition until the third inning when Fairmont tied up the game.

The Bucs stayed put with two runs in the fourth inning, while Fairmont stepped up the game and upped the score to 5-2.

BEA?didn’t just sit back and watch, they tried to take the game back by bringing in another run in the fifth inning and eventually got within one run, 5-4, by the sixth.

Megan Wirtjes pitched all seven innings against the Cardinals at Monday’s game. Wirtjes gave up the five runs to Fairmont off seven hits.

The BEA?girls managed to show Fairmont some strong hits throughout the game.

Ashton Hendricksen, with four at bats, had three hits and scored two runs for the Bucs.

Wirtjes had two at bats and was also responsible for scoring two of the four runs for the BEA?softball team.

Audrey McDonald had a couple good hits against Fairmont as well that unfortunately didn’t produce any runs for the Bucs with four at bats, McDonald had two hits.

“From here on out we have to make sure that we don’t let teams back in the game,” the Bucs coach adds.

The Cardinals barely managed to take the game from the Bucs but both teams were playing to win.

“Right now the girls are playing good ball, and we have to carry that play through the rest of the season,” Bloomquist adds.

BEA continues to have strong hits and will have to keep playing hard against these teams to get a win for the season.

The Bucs played away Friday against USC. And, will play another away game, Tuesday against St. James and hopefully find themselves a win.