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Softball team falls to Saints, beats Rebels

By Staff | May 6, 2012

The Blue Earth Area softball team lost 5-4 on Tuesday in St. James.

The Bucs continued their hot streak from Friday’s game into their face off with the Saints; however they couldn’t muster another win.

“This was a very tough loss for us tonight,”?Coach Abby Bloomquist says, “We led the way the entire game, and our offense and defense was tough.”

Abby Nimz was the pitcher at Tuesday’s game, throwing to 29 batters, allowing seven hits and four runs.

Nimz also managed some nice hits for the Bucs. She had four at bats which produced three hits and three runs batted in.

Monica Krieger had three at bats, hit a double and scored a run for the Bucs.

“Tonight was a perfect example of how we have to move our base runners, score insurance runs and not back off with our defensive game,” Bloomquist says.

The Bucs and Saints, both failed to produce any runs at the beginning of the game.

It wasn’t until the third inning that the Bucs brought in two runs to put a score on the board.

The Saints joined in the fourth, inching closer to the Bucs with one run.

BEA?refused to let St. James even up the score, scoring two more runs, bringing it up 4-1.

The sixth inning is when the Saints managed to tip toe into the game, scoring another run.

“We got caught in the seventh when we let St. James back in the game,” the BEA coach says.

The Bucs stayed put during the seventh, attempting to stay ahead but unable to bring in any more runs.

St. James, however, didn’t sit back, they pulled ahead at the bottom of the seventh and beat the Bucs 5-4. “We know Friday’s going to be a tough game for us, but we’re looking for some redemption against St. Peter,” Bloomquist adds.

BEA 12, USC 5

The Bucs earned a win against the United South Central Rebels at the away game Friday April 27.

The Bucs took the lead early on, and they continued to lead throughout the rest of the game.

“The girls played a great game tonight. Our offense and defense came together and we played our game,”?Bucs coach Abby Bloomquist says.

Although BEA?and USC?started out the game with a 1-1 score in the first inning, the Bucs never let the Rebels get ahead.

The second inning brought the Bucs up 2-1 which was where they picked up their momentum for the rest of the game.

BEA brought in four more runs in the top of the third and left USC?trailing behind.

The Rebels tried to play catch up in the fifth, bringing in three more runs in the bottom of the inning.

But, the Bucs also scored two runs, which kept them in the lead at 8-4 by the end of the sixth inning.

The Buccaneers were able to solidify the win in the top of the seventh and ended the game with a final score of 12-5.

“I’m proud that they played seven solid innings of ball,” the Bucs coach says.

Abby Nimz pitched to 29 batters allowing the Rebels only eight hits throughout the seven innings.

Nimz also had five at bats herself, with one hit.

“Every player on the team got on base and made things happen tonight,” Bloomquist says.

Monica Krieger scored two runs, with four runs batted in. Krieger also hit a triple for the Bucs.

Brianna Ziegler also had a hot bat with two runs and two RBIs from her double.

Janessa Jahnke had two hits, one run and batted in two runs.

“We’re very pleased with our performance tonight,” Bloomquist adds, “and we plan to carry it through into our games next week.”