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Bucs softball loses to Cards 15-10

By Staff | May 13, 2012

Blue Earth Area Buccaneers played hard against the Fairmont Cardinals Thursday, but ended up with the loss.

The Bucs started off the game with strong hits that were present throughout the game.

“We completely broke open the game by scoring eight runs in the first inning,” Coach Abby Bloomquist says.

The Cards seemed to be off to a rough start, unable to bring in any runs at all in the first inning.

Fairmont played a little catchup during the second and third inning, but BEA?still had the upper hand at 10-4.

“We were off to a phenomenal start, but after the third we gradually started slipping,” Bloomquist says.

The Cards gradually tried to even up the score. By the fifth inning they had five more runs.

Fairmont stepped up their game in the last inning when they charged ahead and stole the game from BEA, ending 15-10.

“Our defense needs to be as aggressive as our bats were,” BEA?coach says. “I felt we were a bit apprehensive in several situations tonight.”

Abby Nimz pitched the first six innings and was relieved by Megan Wirtjes in the last inning.

Monica Krieger had four times at bat and pounded out two hits, scored two runs and batted in a run as well.

Whitney Pirsig also scored two runs out of her three at bats.

“If we can pull all elements of our game together we will be able to hang on through seven innings of ball,” Bloomquist adds.

New Ulm 10, BEA 0

BEA?Buccaneers faced the New Ulm Eagles Tuesday in New Ulm.

Although the Bucs hits have been strong this season, they were unable to carry that into their game against the Eagles.

“Going into tonight’s game we knew that we would have to be tough to compete with New Ulm,” Bloomquist says.

BEA played hard but were unable to keep up with New Ulm.

“Although we played a good defensive game, our offensive game fell short,”?Bloomquist adds.

The Eagles, pulled out all the stops with their hits.

“We knew that New Ulm was going to bring strong hitters,” Bloomquist says, “and they held true to that.

Megan Wirtjes pitched all six innings, throwing to 25 batters that produced seven hits and five walks.

“The increasingly hot bats that the Bucs have shown throughout the past games were absent tonight,”?Bucs coach says.

Whitney Pirsig, with two at bats, was the only one able to get a hit.

The Eagles got a good lead and didn’t back down winning the game, 10-0.

“This was a hiccup in our schedule,” Bloomquist says.