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Season ends for BEA softball team

By Staff | May 27, 2012

The Blue Earth Area Buccaneers softball season came to an abrupt end at their section playoff game on Tuesday when they went up against the Waseca Bluejays, once again.

Tuesday, the first game of the section playoffs for the Bucs, was the deciding factor for whether or not they would continue on in the bracket.

BEA softball team went into the section game with high hopes but ended up falling to Waseca after playing seven innings.

The two teams played a very close game, and the Bucs didn’t allow the Bluejays to run away with the game until the end.

“The Bucs played a good game tonight,”?BEA?coach Abby Bloomquist says.

BEA kept Waseca on a level playing field as the game started off. In the first inning, the Bucs didn’t manage a run but only allowed Bluejays to get one run in.

The second ended with about the same results, as neither team brought in a run.

During the third, Waseca continued to fight for runs. They brought in one more in the bottom of the inning, bumping the score up to 2-0.

BEA?finally brought in a run at the top of the fourth inning. Waseca stayed put allowing the score to even up a bit.

“We ran into some hiccups in the fifth and sixth innings,” Bloomquist says.

The Bluejays took charge of the game in the fifth by bringing four girls across home plate.

They ran away with the game in the sixth when they scored four more runs with BEA?failing to score anymore.

“Other than that we had stayed neck-in-neck with Waseca the entire night,” the BEA coach adds.

The Bucs and Bluejays played the seventh inning with neither team bringing in anymore runs, ending the game, 10-1.

Janessa Jahnke stepped up to bat three times and managed to score the Bucs one run for the night.

Also up to bat for the Bucs was Bethany Olson who managed to turn a hit into a triple.

Whitney Pirsig, batting three times as well, had a hit that resulted in a double.

Other than that, the bats were lacking compared to the usual strength displayed by the Bucs.

“The bats didn’t come alive for all the girls like they needed to tonight,”?Bloomquist adds.

BEA?played as well in the matchup as they could but just couldn’t pull out a win to continue on.

“We had tough defense tonight,”?the BEA coach adds. “Our offense didn’t quite match that of Waseca.”

Although the season has come to an end and the Bucs will not be moving on in the section brackets, the coach is ending her first year as coach with a positive attitude for her and the team.

“With every loss comes a lesson,” Bloomquist says. “We know what we need to work on to be successful next season.”

With more marks in the loss column than the win column the Bucs never gave up and continued to play hard until the end of the season.

Bloomquist is happy for the way the season panned out and is ready for next year.

“I’m very proud of the wonderful progress the girls have made throughout the year,”?adds the BEA coach.