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BEA volleyball wins 2 in SCC

By Staff | Sep 16, 2012

Ashton Hendricksen

The Blue Earth Area Volleyball team played Thursday, Sept. 13 against the New Ulm Eagles.

The Bucs won the match, 3-0, but they were close scoring games.

Krista Hassing put the Bucs on the board at the start of first game with a kill against the Eagles, putting the ball in the Bucs possession.

The Eagles did get the serve back and put themselves ahead of the Bucs for most of the first part of game one, but BEA?eventually pulled ahead and stayed there the rest of the game.

The score was 24-10 when Janessa Jahnke served the ball. The serve was an ace and the Bucs took game point, winning 25-10.

The Eagles got the lead right away in the second game, 4-1. The teams rallied for points but the Eagles stayed ahead.

However, it was a kill by Megan Wirtjes that was just what the Bucs needed. The kill found an opening and led the way for the Bucs comeback.

BEA?eventually tied the score up at 12-12. The teams played back and forth trying to break the tie and pull ahead from one another.

It was a kill by Jahnke that finally bumped the Bucs up, 23-22. Unfortunately, when she stepped up to serve it landed out, tying the score up again.

At 24-24, Whitney Pirsig had a kill putting the score in BEA’s favor and the ball back in their possession.

Audrey McDonald served for game point and Ashton Hendrickson returned a volley by tipping the ball over the net and winning the second game, 26-24.

The third game was a close one as well, but started out in the Bucs favor. The Eagles had the serve but a fumble on a set put possession of the ball in the Bucs’ hands.

The Eagles forged ahead and met the Bucs in scoring, eventually making it a tie at 12-12.

The two teams continued scoring, keeping the game rather even. Finally, two kills by Jahnke broke the tie and put the Bucs in the lead. 22-21.

They met back up again at 23-23, but the Bucs wanted the win.

Hassing ended the game by tipping the ball over the net and winning the third and final game, 25-23.

The win against the Eagles puts the Bucs overall record at 8-2 and 3-0 in the South Centeral Conference.

BEA will play in Fairmont on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. and in Waseca on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

BEA 3, St. Peter 2

The Blue Earth Area volleyball team traveled to St. Peter on Tuesday to add another win to their conference record.

The Bucs, playing to five games against the Saints, won the match 3-2. However, the tight scoring games could have favored either team in the end.

The first game seemed to set the pace for the rest of the night of volleyball for the two teams.

After some back and forth scoring, BEA?finally took the game point for the first set, winning 25-23.

The second set was an even closer scoring game. The Bucs played up to 27 to win by two points.

BEA, with the first two game wins in their hands, thought it looked good to take the match in three games.

St. Peter, however, still had some fight in them and pressed ahead in the third set, beating BEA?by nine points, 25-16.

Game four played out similarly to the previous game, ending in favor of the Saints with a score of 25-18.

This put the two teams at 2-2 and sent them into the fifth game, which would decide the winner of the match.

The Bucs took the win in the final game with a score of 15-12, winning the match 3-2.

Krista Hassing led the Bucs with 22 kills and also had seven ace blocks.

Monica Krieger also stood out with 26 set assists, Nicole Krinke had eight.

Janessa Jahnke, also helping the Bucs towards their win, had 25 digs, 13 kills and four ace blocks.

Audrey McDonald scored 20 points serving for BEA. She was 29 for 30 at the service line, with three service aces.

Scoring eight points serving for the Bucs was Whitney Pirsig. She was 14 for 16 with one service ace. Pirsig also had 12 digs.

BEA takes 1st

in tournament

The BEA?volleyball team played a five-round tournament in Luverne on Saturday, Sept. 8.

The Bucs played against Luverne, Southwest Minnesota Christian of Edgerton, Edgerton public, Pipestone and Vermillion.

BEA played two games against each team and went 2-0 with all but Pipestone in which they got 1-1. This put the Bucs at a 9-1 and first place at the tournament.

BEA played Luverne first winning 25-8 and 25-21.

Krista Hassing accumulated nine kills, four digs and one ace block. She also served 13 of 15 for the Bucs in the first round with three service aces.

Also with nine kills against Luverne was Janessa Jahnke who had four digs.

Monica Krieger had 18 set assists and went 11 for 11 at the service line, with one ace.

The second round was against Southwest Minnesota Christian of Edgerton. BEA?won both games, 25-12 and 25-19.

Hassing had nine kills, eight digs and one ace block.

Jahnke had 11 digs, seven kills and two ace blocks.

Krieger had another impressive 18 set assists and went 11 for 12 at the service line with two aces.

Audrey McDonald and Whitney Pirsig both had five digs for the Bucs.

In play against Edgerton Public in the third round, BEA?took two more games, 25-12 and 25-10.

Jahnke had nine kills in this round and Hassing was close behind with seven kills.

Nicole Krinke had nine set assists and Krieger had seven.

McDonald and Ashton Hendricksen led the team in digs with six and five, respectively.

Ciarra Olson went eight for eight at the service line and had one ace.

BEA?had a bit of a closer round playing against Pipestone where they lost the first game 25-19 and won the second 25-22.

In the final round against Vermillion, BEA?won 25-13 and 25-21.

McDonald and Jahnke both had four kills and five digs. McDonald serving 11 for 12 with one ace.

Hassing had nine kills and three ace blocks.

Olson was five for seven serving and had three aces.