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Bucs win, lose vs. Saints

By Staff | Sep 30, 2012

The Blue Earth Area Buccaneers volleyball team fell to the St. James Saints Thursday, experiencing their first conference loss of the season.

BEA?and St. James played a five-game match, with the Saints taking the match 3-2.

The first two games went to the Bucs, 25-15 and 25-21. The Saints won the last three games 25-22, 25-19 and 15-12.

Krista Hassing led the team in kills against the Saints. She had 22 kills and also had six blocks at the net.

Monica Krieger had 35 set assists. She was also 20 for 21 at the service line for the Bucs. Krieger had three service aces.

The Bucs are still currently ranked first in the South Central Conference with a record of 6-1. St. James is fourth in the conference with a record of 3-3.

Following closely behind in conference standings is St. Peter, ranked second with a conference record of 5-2.

BEA?volleyball will host the Buc invitational in Blue Earth on Saturday.

They will also travel to Jackson on Monday, Oct. 1 and New Ulm on Thursday Oct. 4, both games are set to begin at 7:30 p.m.

BEA 3, St. Peter 1

The Blue Earth Area volleyball team played against the St. Peter Saints Tuesday in Blue Earth, and added another win to their conference record, 6-0.

The Buccaneers won the match 3-1. They took the first two games of the match 25-15 and 25-13. The Saints won the third game, 25-18. Then the Bucs won the fourth game and the match, 25-14.

Monica Krieger had the first serve for the Bucs which produced the first point of the match. Krieger then proceeded to serve two aces.

The Bucs took an easy lead early on in the game gaining five points before the Saints could get on the board.

St. Peter finally scored after a long volley that the Bucs were unable to return.

However, the Bucs quickly got the serve back making the score 6-1.

The Saints slowly scored points but the Bucs continued to keep a strong lead.

A serve by the Bucs’ Krista Hassing landed out, followed by an out-of-bounds hit by Janessa Jahnke brought the Saints’ score up 22-14.

A hit by St. Peter landed out and gave the Bucs game point, 25-15.

The Bucs started the scoring in the second game with a kill by Hassing, putting the ball in BEA’s possession.

The Saints returned a serve by the Bucs and Hassing responded by tipping it back over the net. The ball found an opening on the opponent’s side of the court putting the Bucs ahead, 2-0.

BEA stayed in the lead throughout the second game but St. Peter did see a spurt of energy that brought their score closer to BEA’s.

The Bucs were up 17-10 when the Saints called a timeout.

BEA?came back from the timeout and finished up the game, beating St. Peter 25-13.

The Bucs earned the first point in the third game when the Saints return landed out of bounds.

St. Peter quickly got the serve back and scored another point putting them ahead for the first time in the match, 2-1.

The Saints scored two more points before a hit by Whitney Pirsig landed just inside the line giving possession of the ball back to the Bucs.

BEA?tried to sneak ahead, but their attempt was cut short at 4-3 when St. Peter took control again.

The Bucs called a time out when they were down 9-4 in an attempt to regain their footing on the game.

The teams scored back and forth for quite awhile but BEA just couldn’t pull ahead.

The score was 24-18 when a hit by Hassing landed out and gave the game-winning point to the Saints.

The Bucs started off the fourth game with Kreiger tipping the ball over the net for the first point.

BEA?gained a three point lead when a kill by Hassing brought the score to 4-1.

The Saints trailed the Bucs during the fourth game. It seemed BEA?had the win in the bag with a score of 20-11.

However, St. Peter snuck a few more points in. An out of bounds hit made by the Saints put the ball back in the Bucs’ possession.

Krieger set the ball over the net to win the fourth game, 25-14.

Hassing led the Bucs with 19 kills and also had 11 digs and eight ace blocks.

Jahnke led the Bucs with 19 digs, seven kills and five ace blocks.

Krieger had an impressive 27 set assists and 16 digs. She also went 22 for 24 at the service line, scoring 18 points with four aces.

Megan Wirtjes had seven digs and went eight for eight at the service line. She scored four points for the Bucs, one of them an ace.

Audrey McDonald also had seven digs. She went 16 for 17 at the service line and scored nine points for the Bucs.

BEA’s win against St. Peter puts their overall record at 11-2.