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Giants spike BEA to end season

By Staff | Nov 4, 2012

The Blue Earth Area Buccaneers volleyball season ended on Tuesday night in their Sub-section game against the Le Sueur-Henderson Giants.

The teams played at Mankato East on Oct. 30 and Le Sueur Henderson won the match, 3-0.

The Giants started out the match with the first serve, which resulted in their first point on the board.

That first point put the Giants in the lead and they managed to stay there for most of the beginning of the first set.

The Bucs fell behind by several points then tried to play catch up. Finally a hit by Janessa Jahnke tied up the score, 7-7.

LSH fought back with two kills in a row putting them back in the lead, but it didn’t last long.

Jahnke tipped the ball over the net and it hit the floor for a point and gave BEA possession of the ball.

Jahnke was then at the service line, hitting a serve that the Giants were unable to return and the Bucs tied the score back up, 9-9.

The teams rallied for points but eventually LSH snuck into the lead by five points and BEA called a timeout with a score of 15-10.

Possession of the ball went back and forth between the two teams until a hit followed by a kill made by the Giants put them in control at 19-12.

Then two kills in a row by the Bucs closed the gap in the score a little more.

Whitney Pirsig went to the service line for the Buccaneers. LSH attempted to tip the ball back over the net but it landed out of bounds for a point for BEA.

Then a dig by Ashton Hendrickson gave the Bucs another point putting the score at 20-16.

The Giants scored four more points putting the set at game point, 24-19. Krista Hassing went in for a hit but it landed out and the first game went to the Giants, 25-19.

Monica Krieger served the first serve for BEA?in the second game. LSH returned the serve and the Bucs went under the net, giving the first point to the Giants.

Then, three hits in a row by the Giants gave them an early lead.

Hassing returned a serve from LSH by tipping it over and put the Bucs on the board with their first point, 4-1.

A hit by Hendricksen scored another point for BEA but the Giants managed to maintain a strong lead throughout the second game.

LSH hit the ball out of bounds and BEA earned a point, 16-13.

With the Bucs catching up, the Giants decided to call a timeout.

The teams each scored back and forth for a bit but the game seemed to stay in the Giants’ favor.

After a timeout called by the Bucs, Hassing attempted a dig that ended up out of bounds. The point went to LSH?which set them up for game point.

A serve by Pirsig fell short and didn’t make it over the net, putting the score at 24-15. That meant only one point was needed by the Giants to end the second game.

LSH served and the Bucs returned it. The teams volleyed but the Giants tipped the ball over, hitting the floor and winning the game, 25-15.

The Bucs got on the scoreboard first in the third game but the Giants quickly took the lead.

The Bucs fell behind and stayed several points behind for most of the game.

BEA?eventually called a timeout with a score of 23-13. LSH only needed two points to win the match.

After returning to the court from their timeout, the Bucs wind up for a hit but the ball landed out of bounds. This set the Giants up for game point 24-13.

Wirtjes attempted a hit but it landed out and ended the game and match, 25-13.

The Bucs were consistent at the service line. Audrey McDonald went a perfect 11 of 11, accounting for five points.

Monica Krieger had 9 of 9 serving for BEA?and had three points. She also had 20 set assists.

Hassing had nine kills, seven digs and four ace blocks.

Jahnke had eight kills, seven digs and two ace blocks.

This Bucs loss puts an end to their season and leaves their overall record at 21-10.