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Girls basketball team wins 48-42

By Staff | Dec 16, 2012

The Blue Earth Area Buccaneers girls basketball team continues to add wins to their season record.

The Bucs traveled to play against Southwest Star Concept school on Dec. 8.

BEA defeated their opponents, but errors by the girls caused it to be a narrow victory of 48-42.

“The girls had moments of playing very well, and other times making lots of inexperienced errors,”?Coach Al Cue says.

The Bucs ended the first half of the game in their favor with a score of 27-20.

Whitney Pirsig was on her game, scoring 10 of those points in the beginning of the game.

She attempted three two-point shots and scored both. She also took four free-throw shots and sunk all of those as well. She was off to a good start with a 100 percent accuracy rate.

Krista Hassing helped along the scoring in the first half, as well, bringing in eight points. She also grabbed eight rebounds in the first half, two on offense and six on defense.

Moving into the second half, the Bucs continued to rack up points.

“We built a solid lead in the second half, but then some foul trouble and shaky decision-making allowed SSC to cut into the lead,” the Buc coach says.

SSC brought in 22 more points in the second half and BEA 21.

Hassing tallied eight of those points by scoring four of seven attempted two-point shots.

Pirsig scored another five points in the second half with a two-pointer and three free-throw shots.

“We are definitely making progress and improving,”?Cue says. “It’s great to be off to a 4-0 start.”

Hassing racked up the most points for the Bucs in the game with a total of 16. She also had 11 rebounds and three assists.

Pirsig aided the Bucs in their victory as well, with a total of 15 points and six rebounds.

Buc Junior Ciarra Olson tossed in six points against SSC and also grabbed a total of six rebounds.

Janessa Jahnke scored four points and had a total of eight rebounds.

As a team, the Bucs had 11 offensive rebounds and 31 on defense.

SSC had eight offensive rebounds and 21 defensive. They also had 14 turnovers, eight of those in the first half.

The Bucs are undefeated so far, 4-0, and have a season record of 1-0.

“We have some upcoming games that will really help us to see where we are at,”?Cue says.

The Bucs girls basketball team played Waseca Friday night and the results will be in the next issue of the Register.