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Bucs down Eagles, lose to Cards

By Staff | Feb 25, 2013

The Blue Earth Area let the win get away from them after a close match up at the beginning of the game.

The Bucs traveled to Fairmont to play the Cardinals on Tuesday, Feb. 19 where they lost by a score of 75-60.

But, they didn’t leave without putting up a fight.

Fairmont started the game with possession of the ball and was quick to make the first points.

But, Brandyn Olsen responded with a basket for the Bucs.

The teams scored back and forth pretty evenly but the Cards stayed one step ahead of the Bucs.

Isaac Darrington took a shot from the field, followed by a foul shot which bumped the score to 15-13.

The Bucs inched closer to the Cards’ score, but it was an effortless three pointer made by Colin Squiers that put them ahead, 16-15.

However, Fairmont didn’t leave much time for the Bucs to celebrate their lead and they sank a three-point shot quickly after.

With 3:20 left on the clock in the first half and the score at 30-26, Fairmont continued their three-pointer streak and sank another.

Then the teams matched each other basket for basket to run out the time in the first half, ending with a score of 39-28.

As the teams returned from halftime, it took a couple unsuccessful trips up and down the court before either decided to make a shot.

Olsen made a three-point shot for the Bucs. Luke Monson followed suit and made a two-point shot.

Fairmont fought back with a basket of their own. So Monson made another shot to put the score at 41-33.

Then the teams decided to throw three-pointers back and forth. Fairmont sank a three. Dallas Barslou responded with a three-point shot of his own.

Then the Cards made yet another three-pointer. At this point the scoreboard read 49-40 Cards in the lead.

After a chain of two pointers from each team, Monson was fouled and was one and one at the free-throw line. He made the first shot but missed the second.

The Bucs rebounded, made the basket and bumped the score to 55-45.

Again the teams score back and forth starting with a two pointer from Darrington and put to an end by a three pointer made by the Cardinals Jay Ruen.

The score was 62-49 with 4:12 left in the game. Bryce Holm of Fairmont fouled Darrington who had one shot at the line, which he made.

Then Darrington ended up fouling Holm and took two at the free-throw line. He made one and raised the score to 64-51.

The clock ran down to 1:36 and Darrington scores a basket followed by a three pointer by Taylor Olson.

A?string of foul shots followed that. Olsen was first with a one and one from the free-throw line. He made both and the scoreboard read 69-60.

A?Fairmont player had his chance at the line next and sank both of his shots.

Barslou was fouled next and he had one and one at the line but missed both, however the Bucs rebounded on the second.

The score was 73-60 and there was just seconds left in the game. Monson fouled another Cardinals player and had two free shots from the line.

Fairmont made both foul shots and allowed very little time for the Bucs to score any last points. Defeating them 75-60.

Darrington was the lead scorer for the Bucs in their match up with Fairmont. He brought in 21 points with eight baskets and five free throws.

Darrington also had the most rebounds for BEA. He grabbed 11, seven on offense and four on defense.

Monson wasn’t far behind Darrington in scoring, and brought in 18 points for the Bucs. He was 8 for 10 from the field for an 80 percent accuracy rate and was 2 for 3 at the foul line.

Olsen brought in 12 points with two baskets, two three pointers and was 2 for 2 at the free-throw line.

The Cardinals brought in the three-point shots sinking 9 of 20 successfully.

BEA was only 4 of 12 with their three-point attempts.

The Bucs had a total of 33 rebounds, 13 on offense and 20 on defense. They also had 17 assists and three steals.