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BEA teams host indoor track meet

By Staff | Apr 8, 2013

Blue Earth Area girls and boys track and field teams both took second place at the Buc Indoor meet held March 28 at the Minnesota State University Fieldhouse in Mankato.

Several honor roll marks were attained.

Taylor Grandgenett took first place in the 55-meter high hurdles in 9.3 seconds and is now No. 3 on the all-time indoor list.

The Buc freshman crossed the finish line in 9.4 seconds to win the 55-meter lows and take over the third spot on the honor roll.

Freshman Karli Olsen was clocked in 62.8 seconds to grab first place in the 400-meter dash and No. 3 on the honor roll. Taking third place was Andrea Lawrence with a time of 74.6 seconds.

Another freshman, Anne Franta, finished second in the 200-meter dash in 28.4 seconds and fourth in the 55-meter dash in 7.8 seconds.

Eighth-grader Skylee Bell turned in two honor roll performances.

Bell’s second-place time of 7.5 seconds in the 55-meter dash is No. 2 on the indoor list and she was fourth in the 200-meter dash in 29.1 seconds, which ranks her No. 7.

The 4 x 400-meter relay posted a winning time of 4:16.5 and also took over the No. 2 spot on the honor roll.

Members of the team are Taylor Grandgenett (63.1), Karli Olsen (63.9), Kaitlyn Olsen (68.7) and Krista Hassing (60.6).

BEA’s other winning relay was the 4 x 200 quartet of Anne Franta (27.8), Miranda Johnson (29.9), Paige Darrington (30.3) and Skylee Bell (27.6) with a time of 1:56.1.

In the long jump. Miranda Johnson took second with a leap of 15 feet, 2 1/4 inches and now ranks fourth all-time. Karli Olsen was fourth with 14-1 1/2.

Paige Darrington cleared 4 feet, 10 inches to place second in the high jump and also claimed the No. 5 spot on the honor roll. Grandgenett was fourth with a height of 4-8 and is ninth on the all-time list.

Delaney Zierke took fifth place in the triple jump with a mark of 27 feet, 8 inches.

In the distance races, Krista Hassing was first to cross the finish line in the 800-meter run in 2:24.4.

Taking third in the 3,200-meter run was Jenna Stevermer in 14:39.3, and Kaitlyn Olsen was fifth in the 1,600-meter run in 6:12.8.

BEA?was third in the 4 x 800-meter relay with Sam Ripley (3:04.6), Mariah Halvorson (2:53.6), Jenna Stevermer ((2:58.8) and Kara Devinney (3:14.4) posting a time of 12:10.9.

For the boys, four Bucs took first place in five individual events.

Taylor Olson was a double-winner, taking first in the 55-meter dash in 7 seconds and in the long jump with a distance of 19 feet, which is No. 5 on the honor roll list.

Bailey Olson won the 200-meter dash in 24.7 seconds and also took over the No.5 indoor spot all-time.

Taking first in the 55-meter high hurdles was Brandon Olson with a time of 8.9 seconds. His time of 9 seconds was third best in the 55-meter intermediate hurdles, while Jacob Johnson took fifth in 9.6 seconds.

In the triple jump, Nick Shure’s mark of 38 feet, 9 1/4 inches topped all competitors and ranks No. 3 on the honor roll. Bailey Olson was a spot behind with a distance of 38-4 and is now No. 4 on the all-time list.

Steven Plocker’s toss of 44 feet, 3 3/4 inches was second-best overall in the shot put competition. Brad More was fourth with a distance of 39-1 1/4 and Danny Krieger took fifth with 39-3/4.

Camden Bowers had a fifth-place leap of 17 feet, 10 3/4 inches in the long jump.

Brandon Olson was fourth in the pole vault, clearing the bar at 9 feet, 6 inches, as did teammate Jacob Johnson to claim fifth. Both are also tied for the eighth spot on the honor roll list.

In the distance runs, Chris Sanders posted a second-place time of 5:25.9 in the 1,600-meter run, while Zach Vaske was fifth in 5:36.4.

Isaac Miranda was third in the 800-meter run in 2:16.3 and Sanders took fifth in 2:27.1.

Finishing fourth in the 3,200-meter run was Kyle Mercer with a time of 13:15.3. Jaxx Jacobsen was one spot back with 15:41.2.

Three Buc relays took second place.

In the 4 x 200, Bowers (25.3), Justin Ritter (26.3), Nick Shure (25.7) and Alberto Ocampo (24.5) had a combined time of 1:42.0.

The foursome of Bailey Olson (58.1), Ocampo (56.1) Bowers (59.8) and Miranda (57.7) finished with a time of 3:51.7 in the 4 x 400.

Posting a time of 11:03.4 in the 4 x 800 were Mercer (2:39.4), Adam Buseman (2:49.5), Jacob Thomsen (2:30.4) and Jaxx Jacobsen (3:05.5).

Girls teams results:

Mankato East 133, BEA 87, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 83, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial-Nicollet 24, SWU 4.

Other girls results:

55-meter dash:

Mariah Twedt, 8.6, 13th; Maddi Oelke, 9.3, 17th.

200-meter dash:

Alissa Norman, 32.4, 15th; Lauren Schoenfelder, 35.3, 20th.

400-meter dash:

Sofie Blair, 75.3, 7th.

800-meter run:

Zoe Thompson, 3:24.3, 6th.

55-meter high hurdles:

Sierra Halvorson, 10.9, 7th; Zoe Thompson, 11.4, 11th.

55-meter low hurdles:

Sierra Halvorson, 10.4, 7th; Zoe Thompson, 10.4, 7th; Justina Gaydon, 11.5, 14th.

Long jump:

Skylee Bell, 13-11, 6th; Alissa Norman, 10-5 1/4,, 19th.

Triple jump::

Lindsey Norman, 25-4 3/4, 8th; Sofie Blair, 24-4, 11th; Lauren Schoenfelder, 23-4 1/4, 16th; Maddi Oelke, 22-9, 19th.

High jump:

Miranda Johnson, 4-4, 7th; Sam Ripley, 4-0, 11th.

Pole vault:

Rowan Hacken, 5-0, 7th; Madalyn Gaydon, 5-0, 7th. Shot put:

Rowan Hacken, 25-10 3/4, 8th; Mariah Twedt, 25-7 3/4, 9th; Emme Olson, 25-1, 10th; Kaitlyn Olson, 23-3, 15th; Jennifer Quintero, 22-3 1/4, 17th; Paige Darrington, 20-5, 21st; Mariah Mauris, 18-10 1/2, 25th.

4 x 200-meter relay:

6th, – Delaney Zierke (32.7), Mariah Twedt (32.6) Sam Barslou (32.8), Madalyn Gaydon (32.1).

10th, 2:16.1 – Aliisa Norman ( 30.6), Justina Gaydon (36.3), Kara Devinney ( 36.1), Andrea Lawrence (33.2).

11th, 2:16.9 – Sofie Blair (30..6), Maddi Oelke (37.1), Lauren Schoenfelder (35.8), Lindsey Norman (32.1).

4 x 400-meter relay:

5th, 5:01.3 – Delaney Zierke (77.4), Sierra Halvorson (72.5) Mariah Halvorson (74.1), Sam Ripley (77.9).

Boys teams results:

Mankato East 162.5, BEA 97, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial-Nicollet 45, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 16.5, SWU 4.

Other boys results:

55-meter dash:

Dakota Jahnke, 7.1, 7th; Steven Plocker, 7.1, 7th; Justin Ritter, 7.2, 8th; Jordan Frandle, 7.5,, 13th; Jacob Vaske, 8.1, 16th; Brandon Purvis, 8.1, 16th; Daniel Juarze, 8..2, 18th; Clayton Johnson, 8.3, 19th.

200-meter dash:

Jordan Frandle, 29.4, 13th; Clayton Johnson, 31.5, 15th; Jacob Vaske, 16th.

800-meter run:

Brandon Purvis, 3:23.0, 9th.

55-meter intermediate


Seth Becker, 9.9, 10th; Kyle Perry, 11.1, 12th.

Long jump:

Seth Becker, 13-8 1/4, 13th; Clayton Johnson, 13-6 3/4, 14th.

Triple jump:

Tyler Hannaman, 30-9 1/2, 8th; Jacob Vaske, 24-7, 12th.

High jump:

Derek Johnson, 5-2, 6th; Camden Bowers, 4-8, 8th.

Pole vault:

Chris Sanders, 7-0. 7th.

Shot put:

Micah Twedt, 34-7 3/4, 8th; Garrett Christensen, 34-2 1/4, 9th; Andy Wigern, 32-3 1/2, 12th; Ike Zebedee, 26-11 3/4, 21st.

4 x 200-meter relay:

5th, 1:51.7 – Brandon Olson (26.4), Tyler Hannaman (29.5), Dakota Jahnke (28.7), Jacob Johnson (27.2).

8th, 1:59.7 – Seth Becker (29.6), Jordan Frandle (28.4), Reed Krieger (29.7), Kyle Perry (32.2).

4 x 400-meter relay:

5th, 4:18.9 – Nick Shure (60.3), Justin Ritter (64.6), Zach Vaske (68.6), Jacob Johnson (65.1).