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BEA?wins 4-0, loses 3-1 in doubleheader

By Staff | May 5, 2013

The Blue Earth Area baseball team traveled to St. James for another doubleheader.

The Bucs played two games against the Saints, winning the first game 4-0 and losing the second 3-1.

St. James seemed to show promise right away in the first inning when they loaded the bases.

However, they were unable to bring any runs across the plate, which was a relief since the Bucs had two strikeouts and tagged out at first which put an end to their first inning.

The game remained scoreless until the fifth inning when the Bucs scored four runs.

The bases were loaded when Brandyn Olsen hit a grand slam.

Dallas Barslou, Olsen, Christian Haugh and Alex Stewart all crossed home plate to contribute to the win.

Barslou was 1 for 2, hitting one double, scoring one run and had two walks. Olsen was 2 for 4 at bat, scored one run and hit a homer. Haugh was 1 for 2 batting, had one run and had one walk. Stewart was 1 for 3 and scored one run.

Other batters for the Bucs included David Franta who was 0 for 3 with one walk, Seth Anderson who was 1 for 3 with one walk, Quinn Huismann who was 0 for 2 with one walk and Alec Huber who was 0 for 3.

Huismann pitched six innings, allowing two hits and three walks and had five strikeouts.

Barslou pitched one inning and had one strikeout and one walk.

The Bucs were unable to carry the momentum over into the second game in the doubleheader and lost 3-1.

Alex Stewart scored the lone run for BEA, crossing the plate in the second inning. He was 1 for 3 at the plate.

The Saints brought in their three runs in the top of the fourth.

Barslou pitched all seven innings for BEA and allowed three runs off three hits and one walk. He also had two errors and three strikeouts.

Hitters for the Bucs included Barslou who was 2 for 4 and hit a double, Olsen who was 0 for 3 with one walk, David Franta who was 2 for 4 and hit a double, Anderson who was 1 for 4, Hanson who was 1 for 4, Haugh who was 0 for 2, Huismann who was 0 for 2 and Reid Rasmussen who was 1 for 3.

St. Marys 10, BEA?0

The Blue Earth Area Buccaneers baseball team traveled to Sleepy Eye last Monday to take on the St. Mary’s Knights.

The Knights kicked off the scoring in the second inning and the momentum continued through the game giving them a 10-run lead, which put an end to the game after five innings.

St. Mary’s racked up their runs off multiple errors made by the Bucs in the fifth.

David Franta was the starting pitcher and hung in for the first four innings. He allowed six runs off five hits and one walk. Franta also had five strikeouts.

Coming in to relieve Franta was Seth Anderson who pitched the rest of the game. He allowed four runs from two hits and one walk. He also had one strikeout.

The Knights ended the Bucs first inning after three consecutive at bats that resulted in outs.

The Bucs then allowed their opponents to bring in three runs in the second.

In the third inning, Dallas Barslou had a hit that put him on base. David Franta, and teammate Anderson both took a base on balls, which set the Bucs up with bases loaded.

Then a fly hit by Carter Hanson was caught by the right fielder putting an end to the inning.

The Knights brought in one more run in the third inning, and six additional runs in the fifth.

Christian Haugh had two at bats and one hit.

Other players hitting for the Bucs included Franta who had two walks, Anderson with one walk, Hanson who was 1 for 2 and Reid Rasmussen with one base on balls. BEA 5, Waseca 1

The Buccaneers baseball team hosted a doubleheader last Friday in an attempt to make up some postponed games.

They played the Waseca Bluejays in the latter half of their doubleheader.

Despite it being their second game of the day, the Bucs were able to walk away with another mark in the win column and defeated the Bluejays, 5-1.

The first two innings proved to be scoreless for both teams, but the Bucs managed some runs in the third.

David Franta had a base hit and advanced with a stolen base, putting him on second.

Teammate Seth Anderson followed suit and landed a base hit.

Christian Haugh stepped up to the plate, and it was his hit that sent his two teammates home for the first two runs of the game.

Quinn Huisman was the first batter of the fourth and his hit put him on first base.

Barslou hit a single advancing him and his teammate, followed by Brandyn Olsen who ended up sending Huisman across home plate for another run.

Waseca attempted to play catch up in the top of the sixth, but only managed to bring one run in.

Barslou and Olsen sealed the deal when they crossed the bag to earn the additional two runs in the bottom of the sixth.

Olsen pitched all seven innings for the Bucs. He allowed one run, two walks and had seven strikeouts. He also had one run for the Bucs, was 1 for 3, had one walk and stole one base.

Franta contributed a run to the score and was 2 for 3 with one walk. Barslou brought in a run off a walk and had three at bats. Anderson was 1 for 2, had two walks, stole one base and scored one run. Huisman, also responsible for one run, had one stolen base, one at bat and one walk.

BEA 5, MCW?2

The Blue Earth Area baseball team kicked off a double header last Friday against Martin County West.

Although MCW scored the first runs, BEA?forged ahead and claimed the win, 5-2.

Both teams started out with a scoreless first inning, but the Mavericks brought two of their players across home plate to put two runs on the board.

That was followed by a quick third and fourth inning for both sides.

The Bucs had a comeback in the fifth inning when they racked up a few runs.

Alec Huber pitched five and 1/3 innings for the Bucs. He allowed two runs off four hits and one walk. He also had three strikeouts.

Barslou pitched 1 2/3 innings. He had two strikeouts and one walk. Barslou also was 0 for 4 with one run.

Olsen was 0 for 3 and had one run. Franta was 2 for three scoring one run. Huisman also brought in a run for BEA?and was 2 for 3. Rasmussen was 0 for 1 and scored a run.