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Bucs fall to rival Cards in doubleheader

By Staff | May 12, 2013

A double header between rivals didn’t end up in favor of the Blue Earth Area fans.

The BEA softball team traveled to Fairmont and lost both games in a double header on Thursday night.

The first game ended 13-2 with Abby Nimz pitching all seven innings.

She allowed 16 hits, facing 35 batters. Nimz also had six walks and one strikeout.

Ashton Hendricksen was 3 for 4 batting and had one run.

Chelsea Owen was 3 for 4 batting and had one RBI.

Monica Krieger was 1 for 3 and also had one RBI.

Kylie Ahl was 1 for 3 at bat, hitting a double.

Game 2; Fairmont 15, BEA 0

The second game played out in five innings, ending in a shut out for the Bucs, 15-0.

Megan Wirtjes pitched the five innings facing 31 batters allowing 18 hits, three walks and had two strikeouts.

Wirtjes also batting for BEA, got on base with a walk.

Batters for the Bucs included; Bethany Olson, 1-3 hitting a double; Chelsea Owen, 2-2; Kylie Ahl 2-2; Ashton Hendricksen 2-3 and Janessa Jahnke 1-3.

Shortstop Evie Leland suffered an injury in the second half of the double header.

“Although we’re unsure of the of the injury, it may put her out for the rest of the season,”?Buc coach Abby Bloomquist says.

The softball team was set to travel to Jackson for the Jackson tournament on Saturday morning.

“We’ll have to do some regrouping before next week and try a new combination of players for the tournament,”?she adds.

New Ulm 8, BEA 0

The Buccaneers had a strong arm on the pitching mound but were unable to bring a run across the plate on Tuesday.

The Blue Earth Area softball team lost to New Ulm in a shut out game, 8-0.

Megan Wirtjes pitched all seven innings for the Bucs, holding her opponents to just five hits.

“The Eagles are a very solid hitting team so to hold them to five hits in 30 at bats, not including errors, is an impressive feat,” BEA coach Abby Bloomquist says.

Aside from allowing just five hits, Wirtjes had three strikeouts and four walks.

Janessa Jahnke’s skills behind the plate paired well with Wirtjes pitching.

The coach says it was errors in the first couple innings where the Bucs ran into problems.

“If you were to take away the first couple of innings it truly would have been a nail biter,”?she says.

Batters for the Bucs include Chelsea Owen who was 2 for 2 and had one walk, Ashton Hendricksen who was 2 for 3, Kylie Ahl who was 1 for 3 and Bethany Olson who was 0 for 3 but got on base with a walk.

St. Peter 14, BEA?4

The Blue Earth Area softball team started off strong but ended just as quickly in their match up against the St. Peter Saints.

The Bucs traveled to St. Peter on Monday where they lost after just five innings, 14-4.

“We came out in the first inning and broke things open by scoring four runs,” BEA coach Abby Bloomquist says.

Their opponents were only able to respond by bringing in one run in the bottom of the first.

However, that was the last time the Bucs had the upper hand in that game.

“As the game continued we gradually lost steam,”?Bloomquist adds.

The Saints, however, gained steam bringing in four runs in the second, one in the third, two in the fourth and six in the fifth to end the game with a 10-run lead.

Scoring runs for the Bucs was Audrey McDonald, Bethany Olson, Kylie Ahl, and Janessa?Jahnke.

McDonald was 1 of 3 batting. Olson was 0 for 1 getting on base with a walk. Ahl also got on base with a walk and was 0 for 2.

Jahnke was 1 for 2 batting, hitting a double and bringing in two runners.

Whitney Pirsig was 1 of 2 hitting, with one RBI. Chelsea Owen also had one RBI and was 1 for 2.

Megan Wirtjes pitched all five innings facing 32 batters, allowing 12 hits and two walks. She also had one strikeout.