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BEA softball season comes to an end

By Staff | May 28, 2013

The Blue Earth Area softball team’s season was brought to an end Tuesday.

They traveled to Waseca for sub-section play and the Bluejays defeated the Bucs 10-0.

Waseca scored a majority of their points right off the bat. They brought in four runs in the first inning and three in the second.

The Bluejays scored an additional run in the fifth and two runs in the sixth which cemented the win and left the Bucs scoreless.

The batters for BEA included Bethany Olson (0-2), Megan Wirtjes (0-2), Ashton Hendricksen (0-2), Janessa Jahnke (0-2), Chelsea Owen (0-2), Caitlyn Holm (0-2), Kylie Ahl (0-2), Whitney Pirsig (0-2) and Monica Krieger (0-2).

“We were unable to generate much offense,”?Buc coach Abby Bloomquist says. “The great hits we did have were met with equally impressive defensive plays.”

Megan Wirtjes pitched all six innings for BEA. She faced 30 batters, had 14 hits, three strikeouts and three walks.

“We faced a tough team in Waseca Tuesday night,” Bloomquist says.

JCC 14, BEA 3

The Blue Earth Area softball team started off playing well, but it didn’t carry through the rest of the game.

The Buccaneers traveled to Jackson County Central last Friday to take on the JCC?Huskies.

According to coach Abby Bloomquist, the girls came out ahead in the first inning but the Huskies had a momentum that carried them through the game. JCC?defeated BEA?by a score of 14-3.

“They had an answer to our offense,” Bloomquist explains.

Chelsea Owen was 1 for 3 batting and had one double, one run and one RBI.

Ashton Hendricksen was 2 for 3 batting and had one run.

Abby Nimz was 2 for 2 batting and had two RBIs.

Kylie Ahl had two walks and had one run for the Bucs.

Other batters for the Bucs included Bethany Olson (1-3), Audrey McDonald (1-3) and Caitlyn Holm (1-3).

“Jackson is a very strong hitting team,” the BEA coach says. “Two of their players hit homeruns tonight and accounted for nearly half of their runs.”

Nimz pitched all five innings for the Bucs. She faced 26 batters and allowed 18 hits. Nimz also had four strikeouts and six walks.