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BE Pirates squash the Cleveland Spiders, 15-2

By Staff | Jun 9, 2013

The Blue Earth Pirates baseball team had hot bats last weekend, which meant it was no problem tallying a win.

They faced the Cleveland Spiders on Sunday and only allowed their opponents two runs, earning the win by a score of 15-2.

Justin Schaible was first in the batting lineup for the Pirates and started things off with a strong hit, getting him on base.

Bobby Olson was next to hit a single and get on base, followed by TJ Stallman who hit another single and loaded the bases.

Lee Hodges hit a double in the first inning. Schaible, Olson and Stallman crossed home plate for three runs in the first.

Cleveland loaded the bases in the first inning, as well. However a play by Schaible led to a second out, then a line drive to Stallman at second provided the third out, preventing any of the runners from scoring.

Schaible scored another run for the Pirates in the second inning, while their opponents had a scoreless second.

Both teams brought in two runs in the fourth inning, bumping the score to 6-2.

The fifth inning gave the Pirates an even stronger lead over their opponents, when they scored another four runs.

The Pirates racked up an additional five runs in the sixth inning, as well. That left the Spiders trailing far behind and the Pirates with the win, 15-2.

Schaible was 3 for 4 hitting and scored five runs. He took one base on balls, had two RBIs and hit a double.

TJ Schmidtke was 3 for 4 hitting and scored two runs. He had one double, one base on balls and three RBIs.

Olson was 2 for 5, had two runs and two RBIs. Stallman was 2 for 4 hitting and had one RBI and one run.

Aaron Wendt scored two runs for the Pirates and was 2 for 5 hitting and had one double.

Kane Malo pitched five innings for Blue Earth. He allowed two runs from five hits and had one strikeout and one base on balls.

Andrew Bell pitched two innings and allowed one hit and had one strikeout.

Blue Earth 0, Austin 0

The Blue Earth Pirates traveled to Austin to take on the Greyhounds last Friday. However the rainy weather ended the game early in a 0-0 tie.

The teams prevented each other from scoring any runs during the six innings they were able to squeeze in before it was rained out.

Aaron Wendt pitched 5 1/3 innings for the Pirates; had five strikeouts, one walk and three hits.

Hitters for the Pirates included Kane Malo who was 1 for 2 and Domitri Beck who was 2 for 2.