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Pirates squash the Cleveland Spiders, 11-1

By Staff | Jun 30, 2013

The Blue Earth Pirates continue to play well with only two league losses so far this season.

Recently they took on the Cleveland Spiders in Blue Earth, where the home team defeated their opponents by a score of 11-1.

“We now have a 10-5 record overall and a 7-2 record in the league,” team manager Todd Schmidtke says.

In fact, the Pirates kept the visiting team scoreless until the seventh inning when they brought one runner across home plate.

Blue Earth scored two runs in the first inning when Trent Sonnicksen and TJ Schmidtke crossed the plate.

Additional runs were scored throughout the following innings but it was the seventh inning when the Pirate’s bats got even hotter.

They managed to bring five more runners home, compared to the one run the Spiders were able to score that inning.

Andrew Bell pitched the first five innings for the Pirates. He allowed six hits and four bases on balls but no runs were earned. He also had three strikeouts.

TJ?Stallman took the mound after Bell, for 1 1/3 innings. He allowed two bases on balls, one hit and one run. He had three strikeouts.

Sonnicksen pitched 2/3 innings and had two strikeouts with no hits or runs allowed.

Sonnicksen also hit for the Pirates. He was 2 for 4 batting and had two runs and one RBI.

TJ?Schmidtke was next in the batting line up, scoring three runs. He was 3 for 5 batting and had two RBIs.

Bob Olson was 2 for 4 batting, scored two runs and had one RBI. He also hit a double in the seventh inning, helping bring a runner home.

Hodges was 1 for 3 hitting. He had one RBI and scored one run. Hodges also hit a double in the sixth inning.

Aaron Wendt was 0 for 3 hitting but got a base on balls and was hit by a pitch in the first inning. He scored one run in the seventh.

Dallas Barslou was 2 for 2 hitting and took one base on balls and had three RBIs.

Domitri Beck was 1 for 3 hitting, took one base on balls and scored two runs.

The Pirates traveled to Carver to play in the Carver/Cologne tourney on Saturday and Sunday.

Their next game will be in New Richland on July 3.

Pirates 18, Condors 1

The Cleveland Condors came to Blue Earth to take on the Pirates last Tuesday.

Blue Earth kicked the game off by bringing a couple runners home in the first inning, and they only gained momentum from there.

“We had really good hits that night,” Schmidtke says.

It was especially so in the fifth inning when the Pirates made it through their entire batting order and brought eight runs across home plate.

The Condors were only able to score one run in the third inning, giving the Pirates the victory, 18-1.

Dallas Barslou pitched all seven innings. He allowed four hits, three bases on balls and one run. He had six strikeouts.

Barslou also hit for the Pirates and was 2 for 4. He took two bases on balls, scored one run and had two RBIs.

TJ Stallman hit a home run in the second inning. He was 1 for 3 hitting, scored one run, took two bases on balls and had two RBIs.

TJ?Schmidtke was 4 for 6 hitting. He had four RBIs and scored two runs.

Bob Olson was 0 for 3 hitting but scored two runs for the Pirates. He took two bases on balls and had one RBI.

Lee Hodges was 2 for 4 hitting and took one base on balls. He hit a double, batting two runners in and scored two runs himself.

Aaron Wendt was 2 for 4, scoring two runs with one RBI.

Brandyn Olsen was 2 for 3 hitting. He took two bases on balls and scored four runs. Olsen also had one RBI.

Domitri Beck was 2 for 4 hitting. He scored two runs and had one RBI.

Andrew Bell was 1 for 4 hitting and scored two runs.