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Fall favorite coming to Giant Days

By Staff | Jul 7, 2013

Something new is being added to this summer’s Blue Earth Giant Days.


The newly formed Mankato Brawlers minor league football team will be playing a regular season game at both Blue Earth and Wells during each city’s town celebration.

“I thought it might be a good idea to work our schedule around town’s summer celebrations,” says Brawler’s team organizer Trevor Coxworth of Winnebago. “It should help be an additional form of entertainment for visitors to the celebration, and it will be helpful for us to get a larger crowd at our games.”

He calls it a win-win deal.

In Blue Earth, the game is on July 13 at 7 p.m. at Wilson Field. It will be against the Quad City Wolfpack.

In Wells, the game is at 7 p.m. on Aug. 17 at the USC field and will feature the Brainerd Lumberjacks as the opposing team.

“Our games will be after the town’s parade and before any street dance starts,” he says. “It should give people something to do after they attend the parade.”

He says the high schools have all agreed to the games being played on their fields.

“We usually let the high school booster club run the concession stand and keep the profit,” Coxworth explains. “And we donate part of the ticket price back to the school.”

General admission ticket price for the games is $7. The minor league teams, which do not pay players, makes most of its income off of business sponsorships.

“We have signed up some very good players for our teams in the past, and the Brawlers are no exception,” Coxworth says. “We had open tryouts in Mankato and were able to sign some outstanding players, some tremendous high school and college players. People are really going to enjoy the quality of the athletes when they come to our games.”

Coxworth says the team also has a few “Rudys” on the squad regular guys who did not star on a college team but are good athletes.

The name Rudy comes from a movie about an average guy trying out for a college team.

“Some of them are big guys who are on our offensive and defensive lines,” he explains. “They just always wanted to play some football after high school, but never got that college pedigree.”

Coxworth says he hopes to see a good turnout for the game from Blue Earth area residents.