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Pirates keep the scores close for tourney

By Staff | Jul 7, 2013

The Pirates stayed close in score but lost two of three games last weekend in the Carver/Cologne tournament.

The Pirates took on Delano, Cologne and Carver in the tournament with games on Saturday and Sunday.

Blue Earth’s first game was against the Carver Black Sox on Saturday, when they won 4-1.

After a quick first inning for both teams, the Pirates came close to bringing a runner home in the second. Bob Olsen made it to third when the Black Sox third baseman got Domitri Beck out at first.

Carver also managed to advance a runner to third but was unable to produce a run for themselves in that inning.

The third inning gave the Pirates the first run of the game when TJ Schmidtke crossed home plate. The Black Sox responded by scoring a run in that inning which would turn out to be their only run of the game.

Kane Malo scored a run in the fourth inning which put Blue Earth back in the lead.

Then, two more Pirate batters touched home plate in the seventh inning, sealing their 4-1 win.

Schmidtke scored a run for the Pirates. He was 0 for 3 hitting and took one base on balls.

Olson was 2 for 3 at bat and scored one run. He also took a base on balls.

Malo was 0 for 2 hitting, took one base on balls and scored one run.

Aaron Wendt was 1 for 3 hitting, took one base on balls and scored a run.

Wendt also pitched all seven innings for the Pirates. He allowed four hits, three bases on balls and one run. He also had seven strikeouts.

Delano 4, Pirates 3

Blue Earth played a second game on Saturday. This time they were matched up against Delano who ended up the winner of the tournament.

Although the end score was close, the Pirates couldn’t sneak ahead and lost 4-3.

The beginning of the game dealt Blue Earth a couple fast innings at bat. In fact, their first three innings each ended after just three batters.

Neither team brought a runner home until the sixth inning. Delano had one runner score. Then, Cody Sukalski made it home in the sixth as well.

The Pirates stepped up to the plate in the top of the ninth hoping to pull ahead. Kane Malo and Aaron Wendt crossed the plate adding two runs to their score. This put the Pirates in a 3-1 lead.

Unfortunately Delano managed to bring three runners home putting an end to the inning and winning the game, 4-3.

Sukalski was 1 for 4 hitting. He took one base on balls and scored one run.

Malo was 1 for 3 hitting, took one base on balls and scored one run.

Wendt was 1 for 4 at bat and scored one run.

Bob Olson was 1 for 3 hitting. He didn’t score any runs but hit a double in the eighth inning.

Lee Hodges was 0 for 4 but had one RBI. Andrew Bell also brought some runners home. He was 1 for 2 hitting and had two RBIs.

Hodges pitched eight innings for the Pirates. He allowed 11 hits, four runs, three bases on balls and had seven strikeouts.

Cologne 3, Pirates 2

The Pirates faced their final team of the tournament, Cologne, on Sunday. The game was close scoring and could have ended in either team’s favor.

Unfortunately the final inning brought a Cologne runner across home plate giving them the win, 3-2.

Cody Sukalski was first in the batting lineup and was first to cross home plate in the first inning. He hit a single, putting him on first. He made it to second off of a hit. Then he managed to steal third base followed by a teammate bringing him home for a run.

Aaron Wendt crossed home plate in the second inning putting Blue Earth in the lead, 2-1.

Cologne responded in the third inning with a run of their own, tying the game.

The game remained at 2-2 until the very last inning when Cologne brought a runner home after three batters.

Wendt was 0 for 3 hitting but made it on base after being hit by a pitch. He also scored one run for Blue Earth.

Sukalski was 2 for 4 hitting and scored one run.

He also pitched 8 1/3 innings for the Pirates. He allowed 11 hits, three bases on balls and three runs. He also had nine strikeouts.

The Pirates played a game against New Richland and Fairmont after the deadline and the results will be in the next issue of the Register.

The Pirates will play Waterville on July 7 and Wells on July 10. Both games will be held in Blue Earth.