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BEA Cross Country places at Milaca, Grizzly Invites

By Staff | Sep 29, 2013

The BEA boys and girls cross country team competed in the ‘Grizzly Pie Invite’ last Thursday at Prairie Ridge Golf Course in Janesville.

There were five runners for the boys and girls varsity squad that placed in the top ten.

The girls took second overall at the invite.

“The heat and wind made it a little tough to race today, but the Buc ladies still competed well,” Coach Tom Plocker says.

One of the big incentives at this meet were the food prizes: pies and cookies.

Boys Results: WEM/JWP 46, NRHEG 47, BEA 53, Maple River 73.

Mike Ankeny led the boys squad finishing third (18:31). He duplicated his place from last year’s invite.

Zach Vaske was not far behind (18:33) and placed fourth, while setting another personal record.

Isaac Miranda rounded off the top ten duplicating his place from last year, but improving his time (19:16).

Kyle Mercer 20:25; Adam Buseman 21:55; Alex Benson 22:32; Nick Shure 24:13; John Lindsey 24:41; Jack Nimz 26:01; Jaxx Jacobsen 28:25; Johnathan Cole 34:15.

Boys JH (2,400 meters): Bobby Lindsey (9:55) and Carson Anderson (10:05) finished second and third overall.

Sam Welker wasn’t far behind posting a 10:10, which was good for fifth.

Gunnar Fering placed seventh (10:30).

Girls Results: WEM/JWP 26, BEA 45, Maple River 65, NRHEG 93.

The girls varsity squad was very balanced and the results were very close. Only two minutes seperated the first six runners.

Taylor Grandgenett led the way by running a 17:15, good for third place.

Mariah Halvorson finished ninth (18:11).

Jenna Stevermer improved by over 40 seconds from last year, (18:28) placing 10th.

Shayna Stevermer 18:44; Signe Olson 18:45; Sierra Halvorson 19:17; Zoe Thompson 19:48; Athena Peterson 20:22, Makenzie Slette 20:23; Mette Rostad 21:19; Alexis Brooks 22:21; Jalyssa Wilson 22:39; Brooke Frandle 23:26 and Madeline Jenkins 30:55.

Girls JH (2,400 meters): The junior high girls dominated and claimed 8 of the top 10 spots.

Melissa Hagedorn (11:08) finished second overall and Calle Stevermer (11:10) placed third. Kara Deviney 11:36; Arianna Nagel 12:09; Gabby Weerts 12:18; Justina Gaydon 12:35; Amanda Jacobson 12:41; Hayley Jahnke 13:26; Katie Allis 15:33 and Marie Jacobsen 15:33.

Milaca-Mega Meet

The boys and girls BEA cross country teams competed at the Milaca-Mega Meet on Sept. 21.

“This may not be the ‘World’s Largest cross country Meet’ anymore, but it’s still plenty big,” Plocker says. “We enjoy competing here because of the excellent competition, the variety that the grade-level races provide, the festive atmosphere of ‘tent city’ and the opportunity to jeer the coaches in the alumni race!”

This year all races again featured “chip timing,” with each runner wearing a little device on their shoes that automatically time them at the finish.

Boys varsity (5,000 meters): Mike Ankeny led the way running a 18:13. He was followed by Isaac Miranda (19:30); Kyle Mercer (20:28); Alex Benson (23:10) and Nick Shure (23:31).

10th grade boys (5,000 meters): Zach Vaske set another personal record with a 18:42. He was followed by Jaxx Jacobsen (23:42); Jack Nimz 25:53) and Johnathan Cole (28:54).

9th grade boys (5,000 meters): Gabe Jacobsen (22:19).

7th grade boys (3,200 meters): Carson Anderson (13:27) and Gunnar Fering (14:11).

Girls varsity (4,000 meters): Signe Olson (18:20); Anna Aukes (19:43); Sierra Halvorson (19:43); Alexis Brooks (20:53) and Rowan Hacken (22:23).

JV girls (4,000 meters): Mette Rostad (20:55) and Madeline Jenkins (27:43).

10th grade girls (4,000 meters): Taylor Grandgenett won a trophy for finishing in the top-seven with a ‘last half-mile surge,’ (16:28). Behind her was Shayna Stevermer (17:36) and Jalyssa Wilson (21:09).

9th grade girls (4,000 meters): Mariah Halvorson (18:38) and Brooke Frandle (22:20).

8th grade girls (3,200 meters): Melissa Hagedorn (15:09); Kara Devinney (15:26) and Marie Jacobsen (19:00).

7th grade girls (3,200 meters): Every single one of the junior high girls sped to a personal record, with each of the 7th-graders covering the longer race distance for the first time according to Plocker. Callie Stevermer (15:08); Arianna Nagel (16:41); Amanda Jacobson (16:41); Gabby Weerts (16:41); Mariah Albertson (17:43) and Hayley Jahnke (17:54).

Alumni “Old timers” (3,200 meters): Isaac Vasquez (12:41); Tom Plocker (13:40) and Dexter Prechel (19:21).

Coach Plocker ran cross country at BEA and also at Bethel University in Arden Hills.

“I run at Milaca mainly so the kids can predict how well I will do and also they can ‘cheer and jeer’ at me during the race,” Plocker says. “I’m getting slower, but grateful to be able to run.”