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BEA beats Mankato East by .10 points

By Staff | Feb 2, 2014

The gymnasts have tallied their first win as team this season.

Blue Earth Area gymnasts were on their mark when they competed against Mankato East last Tuesday, which led to a narrow finish.

The Bucs took first place with a final team score of 111.58, their opponents lost by just .10 points with a final total of 111.48.

Haley Resutek continues to compete well individually, and this meet was no different.

She took second place on the vault with a score of 8.5, second place on bars with a 7.2, third on beam with 7.025 and fourth on floor with 7.675.

Resutek wasn’t the only Buccaneer to place either.

Erin Olson tied for third place on the bars with 6.45. Emily Altenberg of Mankato East also scored 6.45 in that event.

Malorie Huber took fourth place on bars with a score of 5.5.

Melissa Hagedorn and Brianna Ziegler also placed, both on the beam. Ziegler tied with Resutek for third place and Hagedorn took fourth with 6.475.

It was a hot night for Buccaneer gymnasts and two of them placed in all around. However, the first place spot in the category went to Mankato East’s Leah Shields.

Resutek came in second place for all around with a score or 30.4.

Olson also topped the list in all around with a final score of 27.25, putting her in fourth place.

Emily Altenberg of Mankato East took third with 29.95.

BEA had a meet in St. James on Friday, after the Register deadline. Results from the meet will be printed in the next issue of the Faribault County Register.

BEA vs. St. Peter

Haley Resutek was the top placer again, despite the team’s loss last week.

The Blue Earth Area gymnasts fell just short of a win as a team with a total score of 113.275.

The Buccaneers hosted the meet on Jan. 24 which ended with just a nine-point difference in the team totals.

Their opponents, the St. Peter Saints, finished with a 124.55.

Resutek had high scores throughout the meet which tied her for first place in the all around competition. She and opponent Bekkah Berry both scored 32.175.

The third and fourth place positions for all around were filled out by St. Peter gymnasts. Maddy Rimstad was third with 31.725 and Teagan Weiss was fourth with 29.025.

Resutek sailed past her competitors on the vault and landed a score of 8.65, putting her in first place for the event.

Saints’ gymnasts, Megan Overgaard and Halla Dontje Lindell, tied for second place with bests of 8.55. Teagan Weiss of St. Peter came in fourth with 8.475.

Only one Bucs gymnast placed with their floor routine and it was Resutek. She came in second with an average of 8.35.

The Saints’ Berry placed first with 8.4, Rimstad was third with 8.225 and Weiss was fourth with 8.1.

Resutek took another second place, this time on the bars. She received an average score of 7.80.

Berry led the way with an 8.35. Her teammates followed behind; Kenna Zelenka in third with 7.625 and Rimstad in fourth with 7.55.

Resutek received an average score of 7.375 on the beam, which put her in second place again.

The Buccaneers’ Brianna Ziegler also placed in the event. She had an average score of 6.55 earning her the fourth place position.

Rimstad of St. Peter was first with a score of 7.70 and Berry of St. Peter was third with 7.15.

BEA scored highest as a team on the vault with an overall score of 33.275. They also had 23.30 on bars, 25.975 on beam and 30.725 on floor.

St. Peter’s highest score was also on the vault. They came in just ahead of BEA?with a score of 33.85. Their other scores included; 30.75 on bars, 27.70 on beam and 32.625 on floor.

The JV squads competed at the meet as well and BEA had several gymnasts who placed in various events.

Hayley Jahnke came in third place in all around. She had a total score of 18.8. Ariana Nagel was fourth in all around with a score of 18.4.

Nagel also tied for fourth place on the bar. She had an average score of 4.1, tying with St. Peter’s Miranada Brinsnahan.

BEA’s Mateja Lane tied for third on the vault. She and Joiclan Schuenaman of St. Peter both received a score of 7.7.