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Bucs finish week with a 2-1 mark

By Staff | Apr 13, 2014

After two strong wins, the Buccaneers endured their first loss of the season.

The Blue Earth Area baseball team is now 2-1 after facing their South Central Conference opponent, the St. Peter Saints.

The Bucs took on the Saints on the Winnebago baseball fields Thursday night. However the game ended after seven innings with St. Peter in the lead, 14-3.

The Saints took the first run right out of the gates with the lead off man in the lineup hitting a double and eventually being brought home by means of his teammates double.

However, it was in the fourth inning that the scoreboard really started to light up.

The Bucs’ Seth Anderson was the only one to cross the plate in the fourth inning, tallying the first run for his team.

St. Peter was determined to keep the lead and they drove in four runners home in the fourth, increasing the score to 5-1.

However, they didn’t stop there. The Saints scored three more in the fifth, one in the six and put the score out of reach by acquiring five runs in the final inning.

The Bucs didn’t take it laying down and attempted a comeback in the seventh but only managed to sneak in two more runs; ending the game 14-3.

Seth Anderson, Quinn Huisman and Austin Gustafson were the three BEA hitters to cross home plate.

Huisman pitched four innings facing 22 batters. He allowed seven hits and five runs. He also had two strikeouts.

David Franta took the mound for two innings facing 12 batters. He allowed one base on balls, four hits and four runs and had two strikeouts.

Their loss against St. Peter gives them an overall season record of 2-1, with their SCC?record at 0-1.

The Bucs will play again on Monday at Martin Luther/ Granada-Huntley-East Chain at 4:30 p.m.

BEA 8, Maple River 6

The Buccaneers pulled in a second win for the season on their home turf last Tuesday.

The Blue Earth Area baseball team hosted the Maple River Eagles at the Winnebago fields where the Bucs defeated their opponents, 8-6.

However, if one were to predict the outcome of the game by the first inning, the Bucs’ odds didn’t look too promising.

Maple River brought in five runs off of five hits. The first two hitters were out without getting on base, but with the third at bat, the tides changed and the Eagles brought in their five consecutive runs for the inning.

The Bucs couldn’t answer and had a 1-2-3 inning.

The second inning was also scoreless for BEA?who needed to make a comeback. Maple River managed one more run in the second.

It wasn’t until the third inning when the Bucs got some runs on the board, bringing in four runs.

Seth Anderson hit a triple for the Bucs in the fifth inning, which ultimately brought in a run, as well.

Jack Kennedy tied up the score in the sixth inning at 6-6. The Bucs were able to pull ahead by bringing runs in by David Franta and Luke Schavey, sealing BEAs win at 8-6.

Franta scored two of those runs. He had four at bats; one hit and took one base on balls.

Anderson also accounted for two Buc runs. He had two at bats which resulted in one hit and one walk.

Jack Kennedy had two at bats from which he scored two runs.

Luke Schavey also had one run off of two at bats.

Mathew Bell, who also pitched 3 1/3 innings against the Eagles, had two at bats and scored one run.

On the mound, Bell faced 12 batters only allowing three hits and no runs.

Also pitching for the maroon and gold was Alex Stewart and Blake Peterson.

Stewart pitched one inning and face 10 batters. He threw three balls and one strikeout. He allowed for five hits and six runs.

Peterson pitched the last two innings with 10 at bats. He pitched two strikeouts and allowed four walks.


It was a close game when the Buccaneers took on Lake Crystal-Wellcome-Memorial last Monday.

The Knights and Bucs baseball teams were scheduled to play in Blue Earth, but the location was changed to Lake Crystal, as their field conditions were drier.

The two teams stayed neck in neck until the fifth inning when the Bucs solidified the 6-5 win.

The Knights had the first at bat, but were out in three in the first inning. BEA had the same outcome to start things off.

It wasn’t until the third inning that either team put a run on the board; LCWM brought in four runs. BEA ended that inning with only a couple of base hits which didn’t amount to any runs.

Then in the fourth inning the maroon and gold found their stride and scored enough runs to take the lead with a 5-4 score.

The Knights tied things back up in the top of the fifth inning, and the Bucs responded with another run in the bottom to take the lead back.

The game ended after the top half of the seventh when LCWM was unable to produce another run.

Five Buc players crossed the plate accounting for the six points.

Alex Stewart had three at bats, two of which resulted in base hits. He score two of the Bucs runs against LCWM.

Luke Schavey, Seth Anderson, Kellen Jacobs and Alec Huber each scored one run as well.

Jack Kennedy was the starting pitcher for the Bucs. He pitched 15 at bats in three innings. In those three innings he pitched one strikeout, one walk, four hits and allowed four runs.

Huber earned the win, pitching the last three innings, facing 13 batters. He had two strikeouts, four hits and only allowed one run.