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BEA still looking for first win of season

By Staff | Apr 25, 2014

Having one player out with an injury probably didn’t help the outcome last Tuesday.

Blue Earth Area sophomore Angie Cyphers, who is one of two varsity pitchers, fractured her wrist, leaving just Bethany Olson to pitch.

So, the BEA softball coach, Abby Bloomquist, brought a B squad player up to give Olson a rest.

“With four games in one week, we needed to give Olson a break on the mound,”?Bloomquist says. “It would kill her arm.”

Adri Dulas pitched all seven innings against New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva and was consistent throughout the game, according to Bloomquist.

But, unfortunately the Panthers got on an early roll and won the game 9-0.

The Buc coach says NRHEG scored seven of their nine runs just in the second inning of the game.

“With the exception of the second inning, we played one heck of a game,”?Bloomquist says. “I was impressed with our defense tonight.”

She adds that in four of the seven innings, the Bucs downed the opposing team in one-two-three fashion.

“That’s fantastic to see, especially after the damage caused during the second inning,”?Bloomquist says.

And, the Bucs supplied six hits; Olson was 1 for 4, Caitlyn Holm was 1 for 3, Kylie Ahl was 1 for 2, Makenzie Slette was 2 for 3 and Dulas was 1 for 3.

Dulas pitched all seven innings allowing 13 hits off of 29 batters.

“She was consistent and for the most part the other team struggled to hit off of her,”?Bloomquist says.

St. James 9, BEA 5

Frustration is the only word used to describe the outcome of the softball game Monday night.

The Blue Earth Area softball team hosted the St. James Saints last Monday. The Bucs seemed to keep up with the opposing team until the very end when the Saints pulled out a 9-5 win.

In fact, the first couple of innings the two teams were tied. First 2-2 and then both teams went to 4-4.

The maroon and gold found their stride and managed to pull ahead of the Saints, 5-4.

Unfortunately in the last inning, the Saints brought in five runs to secure the game and put it out of reach for the Bucs.

And according to coach Abby Bloomquist, the events in the game seem to be a bit of a tradition.

“In my last three years of coaching in Blue Earth, we’ve developed a pattern against St. James,”?she says. “Our girls have good control of the game until the last couple of innings.”

Ciarra Olson was responsible for two BEA?runs and was 2 for 4 at bat.

Kylie Ahl also scored two runs and was 1 for 1.

Annaliese Klinkner was 2 for 3 bringing in one run for the Bucs.

Sydney Henningsen was 3 for 4 with two RBI.

Audrey McDonald was 1 for 3 and was responsible for one RBI.

Makenzie Slette was 0 for 3 with a sacrifice, which brought in two RBI.

“The Two defensive plays that stick out in my mind were from Makenzie,”?Bloomquist adds.

Bethany Olson pitched all seven innings. She faced 36 batters, allowing 14 hits and five walks. She had three strikeouts.

“Although we were all frustrated with the final outcome of the game, I saw a lot of great things in tonight’s game,”?the Buc coach says.