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Ankeny, Vaske All-Conference at BSC

By Staff | Oct 19, 2014

The Blue Earth Area Buccaneer Cross Country team competed in their first Big South Conference Championship last Tuesday at the Windom Country Club.

Twelve teams vied for champion status; Buc boys varsity took 4th and girls varsity took 6th.

Each of the 12 teams were placed into a subcategory based on the size of the school. Blue Earth actually ran against Redwood Valley, Pipestone, Luverne, Windom, St. James and Jackson County Central in the ‘small school’ category.

It was quite a successful evening for the Buccaneer team as whole Mike Ankeny and Zach Vaske each earned their second All-Conference medal, this time during their first Big South Championship, and the girls JV team won the small-school team title.

Boys varsity 5K:

Mike Ankeny, 3rd, 17:17; Zach Vaske, 7th, 17:49; Alan Davids, 18th, 19:04; Seth Becker, 26th, 19:28; Brady Olsen, 30th, 19:39; Adam Buseman, 35th, 19:50; and Alex Benson, 42nd, 20:41.

Boys JV 5K:

Grant Strukel, 3rd, 20:11; Nick Shure, 5th, 20:36; Gabe Jacobsen, 29th, 22:23; Jaxx Jacobsen, 45th, 23:44; Thomas Lindsey, 46th, 23:50; Jack Nimz, 51st, 24:48; Eric Becker, 58th, 25:00; and Blake Townsend, 68th, 30:05.

Girls varsity 4K:

Mariah Halvorson, 17th, 17:14; Taylor Grandgenett, 22nd, 17:36; Marissa Waddell, 27th, 17:49; Callie Stevermer, 29th, 17:51; Melissa Hagedorn, 38th, 18:45; Shayna Stevermer, 43rd, 18:53; and Meredith Hagedorn, 45th, 19:22.

Girls JV 4K:

Athena Peterson, 7th, 19:41; Gabby Weerts, 8th, 19:47; Lexi Waddell; 11th, 20:02; Hadley Mensing, 13th, 20:19; Arianna Nagel, 15th, 20:23; Amanda Jacobson, 18th, 20:30; Lindsey Phillips, 30th, 21:57; Mariah Albertson, 32nd, 22:47; Hayley Jahnke, 34th, 23:15; and Madeline Jenkins, 36th, 31:52.

Blue Earth will host the Section 2A Championship Thursday at Riverside Country Club at 4 p.m.