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Bucs down Eagles, 68-55

By Staff | Dec 29, 2014

The Blue Earth Area boys basketball team (3-4) faced the New Ulm Eagles (1-9) in a conference game that the athletes had anticipated for more than one month.

Due to the success of the BEA football team last November, the first two boys basketball games were postponed to a later date.

One of those games was held last Monday night, Dec. 22, at the Blue Earth Area High School, where the Buccaneers defeated the Eagles, 68-55.

The Buccaneers will face off against Jackson County Central, United South Central and Granada-Huntley-East Chain in a tournament to be held at BEAHS Monday and Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Waseca 86, BEA 58

In addition to hosting New Ulm last Monday, the Bucs also hosted the Waseca Bluejays last Friday, Dec. 19, where the Bluejays rode home with a win, 86-58.

Despite a double-digit loss against the Bluejays, the Buccaneers started the game strong with a few 2-pointers shot early on by Bucs No. 31, Bailey Olson.

The Bucs and the Bluejays fought neck and neck during the first quarter: BEA missing only 2 of 10 attempted field goals while Waseca struggled to connect with the net, missing 5 of 11 attempted shots.

The Bluejays also carried out two turnovers and eight of their total 14 defensive fouls as a result of excellent zone defense on behalf of the Bucs, who snatched four defensive and two offensive rebounds.

However, the Bluejays did not trail the Bucs for long as Waseca’s Isaac Highum nabbed 10 points while Shane Streich and Nick Dufault each made eight points for their team.

At this point, the tables had turned for the Bucs as the Bluejays rounded out the second half with a single 3-point field goal and three consecutive 2-pointers.

The turnaround put Waseca in the lead, 42-30.

Throughout the second half, the Bluejays remained in the lead by roughly 10 points as the Bucs struggled to catch up after Waseca widened the gap by nine points at the end of the first half.

The Bucs drained four 3-pointers and seven 2-point goals, but the Bluejays were even more effective on the glass they pushed back on the Bucs by scoring seven 3-pointers and 11 twos. As the Bluejays’ score climbed higher, the Bucs defense weakened by catching only two defensive rebounds and missing half of their free-throws.

Bailey Olson and Derek Johnson led the Bucs in points scored, each tallying 21 points for their team.

Olson made 7 of 8 attempted 2-pointers and 4 of 7 from the free-throw line, while Johnson made all three of his attempted 2-pointers and all five of his attempted 3s.

Johnson also contributed two assists and three defensive rebounds.

The Bucs made 15 of 17 attempted 2-pointers, 7 of 7 3-point shots, eight rebounds, four assists and one steal.

The Bluejays had only four rebounds and one assist but they also sunk 20 of 24 2-pointers and 13 of 15 3s, which ultimately led to their victory, 86-58.