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Bucs win first round of holiday tournament

By Staff | Jan 2, 2015

Last Monday and Tuesday evening, Blue Earth Area hosted the annual Holiday Basketball Tournament at the Blue Earth Area High School.

Riding home as champions, Jackson County Central started the holiday tournament with a win over USC in a battle that went into double overtime.

The final score of 95-93 put JCC in the championship game.

In that game, the JCC Huskies won by a staggering 35 points in a contest against the Buccaneers, 77-42.

The Bucs started the game with a four-point lead over the Huskies and with 17 rebounds in the first half, the Bucs fared well in regards to zone defense.

Also, a series of 2- and 3-pointers, made by players on both teams, kept the score relatively close until JCC began to collect a huge series of 3-pointers.

JCC’s Colton Timmer (No. 24), Bodey Behrends (No. 23) and Zach Schwarting?(No. 22) sparked the turnaround for the Huskies in the bottom of the first half.

Timmer drained three 3-pointers in a span of mere moments and the other Huskies offensive players shot seven 2-pointers, putting JCC almost 20 points ahead by halftime.

In the second half, the pressure was on for the Bucs.

They could feel the heat as their defensive tactics from the first half could not measure up against the number of fast breaks, 3-pointers and speed exhibited by JCC.

From the whistle, JCC’s Schwarting ran up the scoreboard as he made two 3-pointers in the top of the second.

The score, now at 46-26, reflected not only the number of field goals made by the Huskies, but also the number of turnovers and missed shots by BEA.

In addition to those pitfalls, BEA’s No. 31, Bailey Olson, fouled out of the game just as the Bucs committed their 15th turnover of the night.

The home team continued to work on their zone defense, but the stress was too much.

Various JCC players passed through the Bucs’ transition defense with ease, scoring several layups and an astonishing number of 3-pointers, which went almost unnoticed by the flustered Buccaneers.

As the clock ran out, the Huskies stalled, letting the clock run, an act that is rarely seen in basketball.

In the end, the Bucs fell to the pressure, tallying a staggering 21 turnovers, and only 42 points.

On the other hand, the Huskies dominated the game with speed and agility.

Leading the Huskies, Schwarting singlehandedly scored seven 3-pointers for his team, while Beherends took home another 11 points.

BEA 58,


BEA faced off against Granada-Huntley-East Chain/Martin?Luther/Truman at 7:45 Monday night in their first game of the tournament.

With a difference of only four points, the Buccaneers managed a win against the Mustangs, 58-52.

From the tip-off until the middle of the first half, the Buccaneers trailed the Mustangs by as many as six points.

However, the Bucs’ Conor Barnett sunk a 2-pointer to even the score, 12-12, in the middle of the first half.

Then, a 3-pointer made by Derek Johnson put BEA three points ahead of the Mustangs.

GHEC/ML/T began to catch up to the home team with a few 2-pointers, shot by Mustangs’ Jackson Maloney and Tristan Maday, but the Bucs remained at least one point ahead.

Finally, BEA’s Tyler Hannaman drained a 3-pointer from half court.

Tied 26-26 at the end of the first, it was anyone’s game once the players returned to the court after halftime.

BEA’s Barnett kicked off the second half with a free-throw and a 2-point field goal, while Olson snatched three offensive rebounds and a free-throw, bringing the Bucs back into the lead, 30-26.

The Bucs pulled ahead drastically as Olson sunk two more free-throws and Hannaman drove his second 3-pointer into the bucket.

However, the score fluctuated for the remainder of the game; the Bucs and the Mustangs tieing three more times.

However, the Bucs pulled ahead for the last time in the bottom of the second half as Buc players Johnson, Hannaman and Olson drove three more 2-pointers into the basket, rounding out the final score at 58-52.

Leading the Bucs in their first game of the tournament was Bailey Olson, who scored 20 points and took a whopping 24 rebounds and three of the four steals of the evening.

The Mustangs were led by Josh Wolter, who took home 18 points and six rebounds.

BEA will play against the St. Peter Saints Tuesday, Jan. 6, at 7:30 p.m. in St. Peter.

They also played LeSueur-Henderson last Friday, Jan. 2 at BEA. However, the game was played after the Register deadline, so look for full coverage of the story in next week’s issue.