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BEA boys win one, lose one

By Staff | Jan 11, 2015

In their first away game since Dec. 12, the Blue Earth Area boys basketball team hit the road last Tuesday for a regular season game against the St. Peter Saints.

The Saints held on to a short lead throughout the entire game until they finally pulled ahead by a meager four points to secure the win, 52-48.

Despite their win, the Saints caved slightly under the Bucs’ full-court pressure.

Committing 21 defensive fouls by the time the game ended, the Saints also turned the ball over eight times, compared to the Bucs, who committed 15 defensive fouls and 11 turnovers.

Time was the primary factor in this competition. A narrow gap on the scoreboard separated the two teams for the majority of the game and the Saints held their biggest lead, eight points, during the second half.

However, the Bucs caught up to that lead quickly after the Saints committed five defensive fouls and a single turnover in a matter of minutes.

With five minutes left in the game, the Bucs took a one-point lead, 45-44, after BEA’s Kyle Engesser recovered two rebounds and sunk two free throws.

After the Bucs took the lead, St. Peter called a timeout, just as the game was about to take a critical turn.

Upon returning to the court, the Saints had found their momentum when St. Peter’s Colton Lusty earned four points for the home team with two free throws and a 2-pointer.

The Saints’ newly found confidence put the Bucs at a disadvantage buckling under the pressure, they received one-third of their total fouls and three of their 11 turnovers as the game was coming to a close.

Almost like salt on a wound, the buzzer went off just as the Saints’ Aaron Leeb connected on a free throw, bringing the final score to 52-48.

BEA’s Bailey Olson held the team lead, scoring 17 points for the Bucs. Olson recovered five rebounds and made five of his 10 attempted free throws.

Behind Olson, teammate Derek Johnson scored seven points for the Bucs; like the rest of the team, he had trouble getting the ball through the hoop.

The Bucs hosted St. James this past Friday, after the deadline for this week’s edition. They will travel to USC on Monday night for a game against the Rebels, and will head to New Ulm on Friday to take on the Eagles.

BEA 80, Le Sueur 71

In a game that was thought to be owned by the Bucs at halftime, had fans and audience members on the edge of their seats by the middle of the second half.

The Buccaneers took on the Le Sueur-Henderson Giants last Friday, Jan. 2 at the Blue Earth Area High School.

Le Sueur-Henderson started the game with a couple of 2-pointers, but the Bucs’ Bailey Olson, matched each 2-point goal, tieing the game 5-5 within the first few minutes.

However, the Buccaneers advanced quickly on the Giants, scoring several 2- and 3-point shots.

BEA excelled in zone defense during the first half, recovering rebounds with ease and dishing out one block and six steals to the away team.

As the Giants missed baskets and buckled under the Bucs’ defense, BEA took a 13 point lead, rounding out the first half at 39-26.

As the teams started out the second half, BEA’s Bailey Olson shot a 2-point field goal, giving the Bucs the strongest lead of the game, 16 points ahead.

However, their lead slowly diminished as the Giants shot one goal after another, running up the scoreboard.

The Buccaneer defense also faltered in the second half, as BEA was called on several defensive fouls and two turnovers.

Audience members watched nervously as the Bucs’ score wavered between three, two and one point leads.

Finally, in the middle of the second, Le Sueur-Henderson’s Jordan Kahlow sunk a 2-pointer that gave the Giants a one point lead over the Bucs.

However, only seconds later, BEA’s Derek Johnson countered the play with double 3-pointers and two assists to highlight Olson’s back-to-back 2-pointers.

The Giants saw several opportunities to even the score, but free-throw misses and defensive fouls widened the gap for the Bucs, who triumphed over the Giants, 80-71.

Olson earned 23 points for the Bucs and scored 10 of 14 2-pointers and 10 of 15 field goals.

Johnson tied with Olson for points earned as he also hustled 23 points for the home team, making 5 of 8 2-pointers, 3 of 7 3-pointers and 8 of 15 field goals.

Jordan Kahlow led the Giants, scoring 100 percent of his 2-pointers (9 of 9), 5 of 8 3-pointers and 14 of 17 field goals for a total of 39 points for Le Sueur-Henderson.

The Buc boys are on the road again Monday night as they take on the USC Rebels at 7:30 p.m. in Wells.

BEA also played against the St. James Saints Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the Blue Earth Area High School gym. However, the game took place after the Faribault County Register deadline, so look for full coverage in next week’s issue.