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Bucs defeated by NRHEG Panthers, 65-46

By Staff | Jan 26, 2015

The Blue?Earth Area boys basketball team played in their ninth home game of the season last Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. in the Blue Earth Area High School Gym.

Their opponents, the New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva Panthers, are 6-1 in their conference and were 12-2 for the overall season.

Unfortunately for the home team, NRHEG added yet another win to their non-conference standing when they defeated the Bucs, 65-46.

The Bucs were off to a rough start, as NRHEG’s Oakley Baker and Trevor Tracy scored four 3-pointers during the very beginning of the game.

BEA’s Kyle Engesser made a noble effort in closing the gap between scores by shooting, and scoring, a single 2-pointer, and picking up two defensive rebounds, a block and two assists.

However, the Panthers excelled in this competition due-in-part to their ability to play both offense and defense well as a team.

Picking up a number of assists, blocks and rebounds during the first half, Blue Earth Area had a difficult time catching up to the Panthers’ ever-widening lead.

The Bucs had trouble grabbing defensive rebounds which resulted in a fewer number of attempted shots for the team.

Derek Johnson led the Bucs during their Tuesday night game, scoring 14 out of the Bucs’ total 46 points. Johnson also grabbed two assists and five rebounds.

Behind Johnson was Bucs’ number 4, Conor Barnett, who tallied 12 points for his home team, as well as two rebounds and two assists.

Baker contributed more than one-third of NRHEG’s total points for that evening with a total of 26 points, three assists, three rebounds and two blocks for the Panthers.

New Ulm 70, BEA 63

The BEA boys traveled to New Ulm last Friday, Jan. 16, to compete in a conference game against the New Ulm Eagles.

The Eagles remained several points ahead of the Bucs throughout the game and pulled off a 70-63 win.

New Ulm’s forward, Matt Rowley, started out the game for the Eagles.

With a single defensive foul under his belt within the first few moments of the game, Rowley made up for it with a back-to-back 2-pointers and double defensive rebounds.

BEA’s Conor Barnett shot the first 2-point basket with an assist by Bailey Olson, who scored 28 points for the Bucs that night.

After two offensive rebounds, picked up by?BEA’s Kyle Engesser, Olson was fouled by New Ulm’s George Sletta.

Olson drained both free-throws, putting the Bucs one point ahead of the Eagles, 16-15, their only lead of the night.

The?saving grace for the Bucs was the number of defensive fouls committed by the Eagles, 20 total.

By halftime, New Ulm had committed only six fouls, but as the Bucs began to pick up 2-pointers during the second half, the number of fouls skyrocketed for the Eagles.

Luckily for the opposing team, Rowley, Spence and Spencer Landsteiner had no trouble shooting 2- and 3-point baskets.

Both teams racked up most of their total points due to defensive fouls and free-throws on behalf of the other team.

The game ended with Landsteiner scoring the final two free-throws of the evening, running the Eagles’ score up seven points over the Bucs for a final score of 70-63.

Olson was the number one shooter for the Bucs in their game against New Ulm. He scored 28 points and had eight rebounds, one block and two assists.

Johnson followed Olson in the number of baskets scored. Johnson took home 14 points for the Buccaneers and had three rebounds and two assists.

New Ulm’s Jarin Spence outshone the rest of his teammates, scoring 21 points for the Eagles with one rebound and one assist.

Following Spence with 20 points was Rowley, who also took home seven rebounds for the Eagles.

The Bucs went up against their team rivals, the Fairmont Cardinals, last Friday night in a home game held at 7:30 p.m.

However, because the Faribault County Register had already been sent out, be sure to look for full coverage of the game between BEA and Fairmont in next week’s issue.

The Bucs will also compete against the Waseca Bluejays next Thursday, Jan. 29 at 7:30 p.m. in?Waseca.